The Christian Bares of Trillium Lake?

Laid bare: a lake, a mountain, and other handiwork of the Creator

Yesterday we had a family outing to Trillium Lake. (It was a birthday thing.)

Summer Bare Country
Summer Bare Country

This morning early I thought back on the other vistas of God’s creation which awaited us there. And I wondered…

  • How many of those nude legs belong to women worship team members?
  • How many of those barely covered breasts have the heart of a female Sunday School teacher beating behind them?
  • How many Christian male eyeballs tracked back for one more discreet look?
  • How many Christian men wrestled with wistful wishes, treacheous thoughts, and deadly desires?
  • How much ache in the Creator’s heart?
  • Will His heart have any revulsion in church services today?

You could read that as me looking down my nose on fellow Christians or fellow fallen humans. You could accuse me of being a Puritanical prude. You could charge me with contemptuous condemnation. You could slam me for sanctimonious something-or-other. And you’d be wrong.

I’m not blind to the beauty of forbidden fruit, OK? But in my other-world moments I look beyond eyeball-grabbing displays and feel compassion. Compassion for the women (Christian or otherwise) who’ve been trained to believe that exposing their “superficial assets” is acceptable and even praise-worthy. I feel sadness that they should play along so willingly with such demeaning objectification.

As I mused this morning, I remembered Tiff (please read that post and the other posts I link to there!). And I remembered a long-ago “she’s got legs” observation.

Then there’s this from another post on this same general subject:

Iā€™m simply appealing to Christian women to consider whether or not the decadent culture in which we live has caused you to inadvertently lower the decency bar too far.

It seems to me that Christian purity requires modesty in dress. Actually, purity also produces such modesty.

So allow me a play on words in closing:

Heavenly minded ā€” how much does it cover?

Source: Heavenly Minded

How do I end this post? Abruptly. Time to get ready to go to the evening service. Where I hope we can all treasure the outward glow of inner beauty to such an extent that we reject the natural urge to “feature” our external attractiveness.

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