If Jesus Is the Christian Woman’s Lover…

Who is my lover?

Some of my sisters in Christ believe they have a sensual dimension to their relationship with Jesus. They even use sexually suggestive language in speaking of it.

I think the Christian woman with such a perspective gets there by using the Bible like this:

  1. When I became a Christian, I became part of the universal church.
  2. Jesus is the bridegroom of the church.
  3. The Song of Solomon graphically depicts a very sensual relationship between a man and a woman — romantic, passionate, sexual.
  4. The Song of Solomon pulls back the curtain on the relationship between Jesus and the church.
  5. Jesus wants me to have that kind of relationship with Him.

My beloved is mine, and I am his. -Song of Solomon

If you are a woman who sees Jesus as your Song of Solomon lover, please answer my simple question:

Who is my lover?

You see, I am not a woman. Neither am I a homosexual man.

If you are right that with the Song of Solomon God teaches a sensual (even sexual) dimension to the church’s corporate relationship (as well as individual relationships) with Jesus, I’m left with one of two unacceptable conclusions:

  • This Christianity stuff is only for women after all.
  • Christian men must learn to think of their relationship with Jesus in homosexual terms.

Something is seriously amiss here, don’t you think?

You see in the Song of Solomon a sensual dimension to your relationship with Jesus. What am I as a male man supposed to see?

I’d be grateful for your answers, either as a public comment below or as a private email via this blog’s contact page.

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