Choice: Women’s Bodies

What are the limits to the "choice" logic of Roe v Wade?

On this day, millions without natural affection celebrate: enough Supreme Court “justices” figured out a woman can do what she wants with her body.

As a result of Roe v Wade, a girl or a woman in the United States may legally…

  • Sell one of her kidneys for research, transplant, or knick-knack.
  • Accept pay in exchange for welcoming a man into her body.
  • Destroy an embryo (or kill a fetus or slice up a baby) within her.

It’s her body, after all. Read it all

How Many Music Makers Can a House Hold?

I don't know about the typical household, but ours has several.

Night before last, as I looked for a certain old photo in one of our albums, I noticed this one:

Andrew Roth baby organ
“Hmmm… Big sister LaVay does this…”

Well, one thing has led to another for our youngest son Andy.

A song by Chayli and Andy
He composed the music for his sister Chayli’s poem.

I don’t know how he does it… Read it all

Yazidis and Christians — Genocide in Progress?

What Christian Aid Ministries is doing to help a "little" bit.


Joel C. Rosenberg reports:


Even the media and the politicians are finally using the term genocide to describe what is going on in Iraq. Read it all

Baring Your Heart, Soul, Mind, Life — via Gmail

Will your old content make you vulnerable in the future?

If you’re not a Gmail user, move along.

Wait, wait — I need to amend that. If you’re not a Gmail user and if you don’t send email to Gmail addresses, you can just move along.

That’s not true either. Here’s the best amendment so far: If you don’t use the Web, you can ignore this post.

I begin with this “reassuring” statement:

The system operates automatically and nobody working for Google is able to see any of the images being examined.

Do people still believe such assurances? 🙄 And even if it were true today, tomorrow’s line may be, “That was then; this is now.” Read it all

How to Alienate Children and Influence Generations

Parents pigging out at the mobile trough get my goat!

angry or sad child while mom is on cell phone

Have you ever watched families at a fast food joint? Some folks from Boston Medical Center got curious about such social events. We’ve got a problem, Houson.

Before illuminating the problem, though, I offer you an attainable solution:

happy family with no electronic toys or mobile devices at mealtime

Parents, put down your electronics and take up your own flesh and blood! Disconnect from you mobile devices and connect with your children.

That’s my short response to this unscientific-but-telling study: Read it all

Above all, love God!