Weekend Reflections and Head-Scratchers

Too much to think and write about. Hence this substitute for both!

I thought to post some of my observations from/of the weekend (which I presume begins Friday evening and ends Sunday evening). But I need to finish writing CLE Bible 902 Lesson 1.

And yet, how shall I write about Abram with “Mark’s Weekend Thinking” a-buzz in my head? (To my friends: none of this “Mark’s weak end, thinking” business, OK? 🙄 Thank you.)

So I figured out that I should write down some snippets and memory joggers to serve as a guide (for later) and as a mind declogger (for now).

Wow! I dredged up and skimmed off far more than I realized was there. 😯 I have way too much to write about. So I won’t.

Except to post my snippets and memory joggers. Alphabetically. Read it all

Your Earwax Is Tattling on You

Never mind your armpit -- have you smelled your earwax today?

This is ridiculous. Another way for the wrong people to breach our privacy and security. 😯

Read it. Call me paranoid. If you want. :mrgreen: (Does the Google Glass earpiece have a sniffer?)

Just beware of the next person offering to whisper a secret in your ear. Especially if he puts his nose up to your ear… Read it all

What Good Is Algebra?

Wherein an ex-algebra teacher makes a case for not being gullible

OK, students, get a piece of scratch paper and a sharp pencil. It’s time for a good old-fashioned Algebra story problem. (No, you may not use your iAnything or your calculator. Paper. Pencil. Period.)

Sam took his second semester English test. The task at hand was to find all the spelling and grammar errors. He found 92. He flunked the test. His teacher told him he only found 6.7% of the errors! What was the total number of errors to be found on that English test?

(Remember this post is intended to show you just how useful Algebra is in Real Life!)

If you know elementary Algebra, you know that asking the right question is key to writing the right equation. And that is key to getting the right answer. Here’s The Question: Read it all

6 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Proceed with caution; you may get what you're not expecting.

Mark Roth partially bares his soleBefore my list, some questions:

  • Why do I think it important to announce them?
  • Why should anybody care to know?
  • What makes people do stuff like this?
  • What drives your interest?
  • Does this look like Facebook to you?

Do you still want to see my list of 11 things most people don’t know about me? Read it all

Reuters and Truth

Reuters says much of the federal government is shut down. Right.

I was taking a break from work while I waited for my computer to update and reboot when I saw on Reuters (HT: Google News) that much of the US government is shuttered. 😯

Seriously? I thought it was only 17%. 😳 Reuters? Are Cowan and Reid stretching things?

Or maybe there’s a subliminal message intended:

Non-essential personnel were furloughed.
That’s “much of the U.S. government.”

Maybe that’s the explanation. 🙄 Richard? Tim? Am I on the right track? 😉

Well, here’s my screen capture of the report in question: Read it all

Above all, love God!