How to Earn $901.65 a Month. On the Side.

At least. Easily. Eventually. Maybe even effortlessly, kinda.

Short answer: “Persuade 500 people to pay you $2 a month for an essential service.”

Longer answer: “Be a good seller who can help people see the advantages of using an email address for a mere $25 a year. But before that, you would need to buy the service, site, and domain from me. And you would also need to pay out $84 a month for the service to power the service. ”

So…why am I not earning at least $561.09 a month via this great service? I am not a good seller nor a good persuader. So I haven’t been able to get even 10 people paying $25 a year for this service.

And I probably won’t persuade you to buy the service, site, and domain from me. (But I’ve been wrong before.)

Buy for $3000!

Of course, you could forget the whole pursuit of filthy lucre and “unseemly capitalist profit” and offer the service for free. (But I really can’t offer it to you on that basis.)

OK, Pull Up Your Keyboard and Let’s Write a Smashing Craigslist Ad

Read and learn -- and contribute to its improvement...

Google will show you plenty of theories and pointers for writing the perfect Craigslist ad. And Amazon has a few books on the subject as well (for instance, Make Money Posting Ads on Craigslist).

But I’m going to show you a real live unique Craigslist ad-in-the-making. I hope to list it there within 24 hours (just in time to sell the car this weekend, you know).

The rest of this post is The Ad itself. Read it. Study it. Learn from it. And Read it all

Book Lot: Quilting and More

Five hardcover books for the quilter. Well, three of them for the quilter! Buy them all for $25 and shipping is free.

I have five, nice-condition, hardcover books to sell as a lot for $25, postage paid.

Please note:
These titles link to
their Amazon pages.
Will open new browser window.

I have only one each of these books, so first-come-first-served at this price. Read it all

Seven Things I’ve Learned Selling on eBay

An eBay learner's learnings while attempting to sell books, compasses, plates, Tupperware, and Fenton. :-)

The Web is awash with hints and tips for eBay sellers. And delightfully effective (power seller) secrets. Let’s not forget those.

I have my own Greenhorn’s eBay Seller’s Tricks, cooked in the boiling, bubbling cauldron that’s eBay. So let me scoop out a few ladles of it for you…

1 Reward Prospective Bidders With a Good Offer — That’s right, reward. Why should anyone want to bother being the first bidder on your item? So entice someone to bid first — make your entry-level bid Read it all

Above all, love God!