ISIS Avenges Turkey’s Rapproachment With Israel?

Maybe the Islamic State has already answered that question.

It seems it was just yesterday I read the amazing news that Turkey had reached out to Israel and they had patched things up diplomatically.

Now I see this on the Drudge Report:

ISIS strikes Istanbul International Airport

And I wonder if ISIS means this as a signal to Erdogan, Turkey’s leader.

Whatever the case, may God use His people in the area to convey His love and provision. May the Gospel’s message of forgiveness and peace shine its brilliant light amid such evil and darkness.

Do You See Israel’s Expanding Peril?

While the world is used to the planes being airborne anyway...

Mark's CIA map of the Middle East


I saw that headline on the Drudge Report early this morning. He linked it to an LA Times story that includes this quote:

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Sisi endorsed the creation of a joint military force to defend Arab nations.

Sisi said the Arab world was at a critical crossroads and facing unprecedented difficulties.

If Israel’s Arab neighbors get a “good thing going” with their joint military efforts in Yemen…

And if Israel’s Arab neighbors see the American Administration’s growing hostility toward Israel

And if Israel’s Arab neighbors perceive American weakness in relation to Iran

And if Israel’s neighbors imagine a shift in America’s long-standing commitment to Israel, her secrets, and her security…

And if Israel’s neighbors take literally the American threat to abandon Israel at the United Nations… Read it all

Yazidis and Christians — Genocide in Progress?

What Christian Aid Ministries is doing to help a "little" bit.


Joel C. Rosenberg reports:


Even the media and the politicians are finally using the term genocide to describe what is going on in Iraq. Read it all

Wishing You Could Help Fleeing Iraqis?

Christian Aid Ministries is looking to assist. Do you want to help?

I’m not here to report on the news. You don’t need that.

I’m here to let you know how you can help, if seeing and hearing about the unfolding collapse in Iraq makes you wish you could help the suffering ones somehow.

You know about Christian Aid Ministries, right?

Here are some excerpts of what they have to say about ISIS in Iraq and the crisis going on right now: Read it all

Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Power of Israel

It seems 70 years is too long for the world to remember...

Yom Hashoah candle and entrance to Birkenau extermination camp

Remember Birkenau!

As he closed his Holocaust Remembrance Day speech today, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared:

Unlike our situation during the Holocaust, when we were like leaves on the wind, defenseless, now we have great power to defend ourselves, and it is ready for any mission. This power rests on the courage and ingenuity of the soldiers of the IDF and our security forces. It is this power that enabled us, against all odds, to build the State of Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu is mistaken. No matter how great the military power of Israel and the prowess of her warriors, she is still defenseless. Read it all

Above all, love God!