My Cave

Here I am:

In my cave

The roof was rough against my defoliated top!

In my cave -- closer

Here’s my view:

From my cave

From left: my wife (Ruby), our three youngest children (Dora, Andrew, Michayla), and our missionary friend (Margy).

Photo Facts: San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico — April 2, 2007 — 4:02 pm

With Chain Saws and Goats

A little over 20 minutes ago, on my way home from leaving my two youngest children off at school, I stopped at Yoder Store to get myself a can of Coke:

Yoder Store

As I was walking in, I glanced over at the community bulletin board they have outside:

Carbon credits for sale

Alas, they didn’t provide any contact information.

So if you’re in Oregon, in the Yoder community, stop the bike riders to see if they have carbon credits for sale.


Desert Dipping

I am on my way home from my latest trip to Mexico.

Friday afternoon I went on a walk. On my way back to the desert village where I was staying (and where we used to live), I got to feeling quite warmed up by the sun. Thankfully, the course I was charting took me by an irrigation pump close to town.

Here is the same place from a different angle and closer up.

Well, I felt hot enough and it looked inviting enough . . . .


If you haven’t yet, you ought to try that sometime.

Posted from a Super 8 Motel in Tucson, Arizona

Above all, love God!