My APU Did Its Job!

We live so far out of town that we can’t get DSL or cable Internet.

That doesn’t pertain to this post except to help explain this: We seem to have frequent power outages, interruptions, and/or disruptions — especially in the winter time.

Over the years, that has translated into lots of time lost due to the power failing and the computers going dead. Even when the power merely winks off and on, it means lost work and/or corrupted files. For certain, it means having to reboot and start over.

Well, two or three months ago I decided that was enough of that. So I purchased and installed an APC Battery Backup unit.

Yesterday morning during computing time, the power winked. The printer shut off and restarted. The answering machine went through its routine. My ThinkPad beeped its way from AC to battery to AC.

But our desktop Dell just kept right on as though nothing had happened.

Because my APU did its job — it kept delivering uninterrupted power to the desktop.

Hey! Maybe that’s why they call it a UPS sometimes! (You know, Uninterrupted Power Supply.)

Anyway, that’s the first time the thing earned its purchase price.

That was fun to experience.

And I’m thankful.

(PS: I bought mine from Circuit City’s website. You could buy it from Amazon.)

Two of My Friends

As I mentioned on November 22, two of my friends got married that day in Ahome, Sinaloa, Mexico.

(Congratulations, Philip and Perla, and God bless you in unending abundance!)

Our daughter-in-law Shari sent us a picture CD. We got it last night via my folks who just returned from Mexico. Here are extractions from three of those photos:

Philip and Perla Strubhar on their wedding day in Ahome, Sinaloa, Mexico

Philip and Perla and their parents

Philip Strubhar and Russell Roth prior to the former's wedding

Sorry, I decided not to post larger versions of these.

Oh, and the young fellow on the right on the last picture is husband of the above-mentioned photographer, our son Russell.

Thanksgiving Day

Yeah, I know — Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow in the United States.

But why can’t it be every day in my part of the world (which is normally in the United States)?!

Huh, now?

So I purpose to generate a Thankfulness Post once a day. Furthermore, I’ve added a Thankful category and a Gratefulness tag.

(I know, I know — this blog is top-heavy with tags. I need to do some drastic housecleaning and see if I can trim the count down from > 600 to < 30.)

So…for what do I want to say thanks right now?

WordPress and plugins and themes — they drive my six blogs.

Six? 😯

Six 😀

Veterans I Know

May there be many more to stand in their place in the ranks!

William Bennett asks, “Do you know our heroes?

That fits with a thought I had yesterday.

I personally know a few military veterans. One of them is Mark Hammerness. He and they are to be commended and thanked for serving their country.

But the veterans I have in mind are from a different type of war.


  • James and Noreen Roth — Mexico
  • Rosana Roth — Mexico, Puerto Rico
  • Karen Roth — Mexico
  • Marvin and Esther Boss — Mexico
  • Joe and Nancy Mast — Mexico
  • Raul and Vanita Tadeo — Mexico
  • John and Doris Miller — Mexico
  • Vince and Marcela Frey — Mexico
  • Larry and MaryAnn Taylor — Mexico
  • Elmer and Sheila Fehr — Central America, Mexico
  • Paul and Dorcas Smucker — Canada
  • Steven and Judy Headings — Puerto Rico
  • Mark and Enid Boss — Canada, Nigeria
  • Maurice and Jane Boss — Canada
  • Orpha Tice Smucker — Puerto Rico
  • Maynard and Helen Headings — Honduras, Mexico
  • Vivian Mast Turner — Mexico
  • James Kropf — Mexico
  • Urie and Delilah Sharp — Guatemala
  • Allen and Carolyn Roth — Nicaragua
  • Delbert and Joana Birky — Belize

School Teachers

  • Noreen Byers Roth
  • Rosana Roth
  • Margaret Miller
  • Shari Kropf Roth
  • Esther Strubhar
  • Dwight Strubhar
  • Ron Bontrager
  • Dorothy Turner
  • Caroline Smucker Yoder
  • Esther Slaubaugh Wolfer
  • Brenda Beachy Sauder
  • Kathryn Schrock
  • Lavon King Kropf
  • Danny Hertzler
  • Nolan Bechtel
  • Mary Strubhar
  • Geneva Allan Yoder
  • David Strubhar
  • Philip Smucker
  • Pat Turner
  • Emily Goertzen
  • Orpha Tice Smucker
  • Jonathan Kropf
  • John Smucker
  • Johanna Goertzen


  • Maynard Headings
  • Sterling Roth
  • Raúl Vázquez
  • Manuel Torres
  • Stanley Troyer
  • Joe Mast

And (as far as I know) they’re all alive yet!

Thank you all for your service on the field of battle for the Kingdom of God! Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you.

May there be many more to stand in their place in the ranks!

Important Note: I listed only those who are no longer serving in those particular capacities.

Above all, love God!