Child Sacrifice?

Children should get better than this:

This is not a clash of civilizations, as child sacrifice is one of the hallmarks of uncivilization. This is a struggle for our survival as a race, as one side sheds every trapping of civilization, of decency, of humanity in an effort to win through sheer revulsive behavior.

What has happened to mankind’s inborn love of children, especially our own?

I agree with the writer above — it is uncivilized to sacrifice children for an adult campaign, an adult struggle, an adult agenda.

Sacrificing children because of adult selfishness is abominable.

I can condemn the Palestinians for that.

I can condemn abortion providers and consumers for that.

I can condemn abusers for that.

And I suppose such condemnation is not mine alone.

But how do children — my own children — suffer because of my own selfishness and my own agendas?

The above article highlights such a tragedy.

But what is happening in our own country, in our own communities, in our own churches, and in our own families?

Wrongly wound children at your own peril! God will most surely avenge them in His own time.

Other Body Counts

I got to thinking about this when the American media was heralding the 1000th US execution since executions were reinstated in 1976.

I remembered the media’s heralding of the 1000th American soldier to die in Iraq. And the 2000th. And the gradually-ticking-upward toll.

What other body counts could the American media track?

I have five suggestions for now:

Why should the media be bothered?

Oh, I don’t know. I suppose most people don’t care to be bothered with more body counts and statistics. (I know I don’t want to be bothered.) But it might convey at least the appearance of some balance to the media’s reporting.

Maybe instead of body counts they could substitute some un(der)reported good news. Some uplifting, life-brightening, positive stuff. Ever hear of such a notion?!

Above all, love God!