Choice: Women’s Bodies

What are the limits to the "choice" logic of Roe v Wade?

On this day, millions without natural affection celebrate: enough Supreme Court “justices” figured out a woman can do what she wants with her body.

As a result of Roe v Wade, a girl or a woman in the United States may legally…

  • Sell one of her kidneys for research, transplant, or knick-knack.
  • Accept pay in exchange for welcoming a man into her body.
  • Destroy an embryo (or kill a fetus or slice up a baby) within her.

It’s her body, after all. Read it all

Reuters and Truth

Reuters says much of the federal government is shut down. Right.

I was taking a break from work while I waited for my computer to update and reboot when I saw on Reuters (HT: Google News) that much of the US government is shuttered. 😯

Seriously? I thought it was only 17%. 😳 Reuters? Are Cowan and Reid stretching things?

Or maybe there’s a subliminal message intended:

Non-essential personnel were furloughed.
That’s “much of the U.S. government.”

Maybe that’s the explanation. 🙄 Richard? Tim? Am I on the right track? 😉

Well, here’s my screen capture of the report in question: Read it all

Weapons-Grade Assault Food

I've led a sheltered life -- I had no idea.

First of all, I’ve led a sheltered life — I had no idea about triangular pancakes. 😳

Second of all, what’s to keep the aggressive “non-lambs” from cutting their altered flapjacks back into weapons-grade assault triangles? 😯

Third of all, here’s the story as I copied and pasted it: Read it all

Kenneth Miller Convicted!

A pastor from Virginia was convicted Tuesday of helping a woman flee the country three years ago, when she was on the brink of having to turn custody of her young daughter over to the woman who was once her partner in a Vermont civil union.

The jury issued its verdict against the Rev. Kenneth Miller after several hours of deliberations in the case, Read it all

Above all, love God!