How to Earn $901.65 a Month. On the Side.

At least. Easily. Eventually. Maybe even effortlessly, kinda.

Short answer: “Persuade 500 people to pay you $2 a month for an essential service.”

Longer answer: “Be a good seller who can help people see the advantages of using an email address for a mere $25 a year. But before that, you would need to buy the service, site, and domain from me. And you would also need to pay out $84 a month for the service to power the service. ”

So…why am I not earning at least $561.09 a month via this great service? I am not a good seller nor a good persuader. So I haven’t been able to get even 10 people paying $25 a year for this service.

And I probably won’t persuade you to buy the service, site, and domain from me. (But I’ve been wrong before.)

Buy for $3000!

Of course, you could forget the whole pursuit of filthy lucre and “unseemly capitalist profit” and offer the service for free. (But I really can’t offer it to you on that basis.)

Warning: Your WiFi Is Likely Compromised

Is your wifi network on KRACK? This "attack works against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks."

If you use wifi in any way, here are six things to note:

  • KRACK is an extended security and privacy vulnerability revealed just today. It’s unlikely your wifi is secure yet.
  • This is a vary capable bug, so don’t underestimate the seriousness of this matter.
  • “The attack works against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks.”
  • “It appears almost any device that uses Wi-Fi is affected.”
  • You “may want to be wary of using Wi-Fi at all until patches are widely rolled out.”
  • “It’s more urgent for general users to patch their personal devices, whether phones, PCs or any smart device, be they watches, TVs or even cars.”

KRACK: beware the wifi hack/bug

Some measures to take while you wait for updates to your wifi network

Read it all

LibreOffice Writer: Bookmarks vs References

Please help me understand the functional distinctions between them.

I’m hard put to grasp when to use which for cross-referencing. From all the experimenting I’ve done, it appears to me that it boils down to personal preferences and not anything technical. What am I missing?

I know that bookmarks are faster to create. But you have to open the dialog each time. On the other hand, creating a target/reference involves more steps, but you can leave the dialog open to create multiple targets/references. Read it all

Above all, love God!