This Is Newsworthy?

I hear say there’s a war in progress in Iraq.

This morning I read part of a Reuters story at Yahoo! News:

An Iraqi Red Crescent doctor said on Saturday more than 50 bodies had been found in the rubble of a town near the Syrian border which U.S.-led troops swept through this week in an anti-insurgent offensive.

The headline for the story?

Bodies found after US Iraq offensive

What did Reuters expect would result from battle?

Having said that, I append the following.

Each of those deaths means a soul stood before his Maker to give account. I expect an extremely high percentage of those killed left this world headed for eternal torment.

Many of those deaths mean grief, agony, and anguish for someone here.

But I doubt those previous two paragraphs were what made the story newsworthy to Reuters.

But what about Mark Roth? Why should he care about Reuters’ motivation and agenda? Does he care about the dead, the dying, and the living any more/better than does Reuters?

Ignoring a Certain Common Thread

OK, so a bunch of “youths” have been busy burning cars and buildings in France.

Agence France Presse offers us this update:

More vehicles were set alight in suburban violence in France after President Jacques Chirac said the country needed to learn lessons from two weeks of unrest.

Rioters torched 463 cars in France overnight and police made 201 arrests, figures nearly identical to the previous night, the national police said Friday.

Overnight Thursday 482 cars were torched and 203 people arrested.

At the peak of the trouble on Sunday night some 1,400 vehicles had been torched and 395 people arrested across the country.


I suppose I shouldn’t be in this day and age, but I continue to be amazed at stories like this that not once mention the religious-cultural element that many of these “rioting youth” seem to have in common.


Since You Don’t Have Long to Live…

Got logic? A sentence for murder should be short if the victim had only a short time to live anyway?!

People’s logic defies logic sometimes.

We step into a story in progress in Tacoma, WA:

“The man was 69,
he wasn’t going to live forever,”
she said.

This here-unidentified “she” is upset because some 19-year-old relative of hers got sentenced to 30 years in prison for beating a 69-year-old man to death.

So when she’s nigh-70, is she voting to be beaten to death by some thug who could then get off with a 30-day sentence?


She’s Safe!

I was glad to see this outcome:

Jubilant that she was found safe, relatives of an Oregon teenager who went missing in Brazil and set off a fevered search were left to wonder Thursday how someone they saw as responsible could have disappeared for four days without telling them her plans.

Mckensie Martin, 17, turned up in the Brazilian coastal city of Salvador on Thursday, hundreds of miles from the city where she has been an exchange student for the past few months.

Above all, love God!

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