My Writer Daughter’s New Site

Michayla Roth launches This Extraordinary Life at

Our daughter Michayla launched her own web site.

Chayli Roth's site at

Here are the opening paragraphs of her first blog post on December 3:


Life is made up of them. Some of them are exhilarating, others depressing. Quite a few of them are actually downright boring. There’s no way of knowing when one moment will end and when the next will begin or if a moment that began in joy will end in pain, and vice versa. But one thing is true about all of them: they are fleeting.

That’s part of the beauty of life. No moment lasts forever. They come and go, and though we cannot hold them, we know that more will follow, and who is to say that those will not be more lovely than the ones we cling to now? Through all the changeableness of life, through the moments we hold tightly and the ones we wish would end, there is one constant, and that is the One Who created us.

God’s goodness to His people never changes. His plan of redemption never changes. And His promise of life unending will never change either. Someday, if we cling tightly to His hand and follow Him through fire and bliss alike, we will find life that has no end. We will no longer see in moments but in eternity, and all that we called beautiful in this life will be as pale glass and fallen ash in comparison.

This life is just a dressing room for that one, and moment by moment, our chances to make this life something worthwhile are slipping away.

I don’t despise the moments of my life, but too often I treat them despicably.

As I commented on her blog… Read it all

What WordPress Lost for Me, It Found!

My "Quick Draft" simply vanished!

Last week I wrote a Quick Draft of an idea for a blog post on my ebooks blog. But it vanished without a trace when I clicked Save Draft the first time! 🙁

After searching for it high and low, I gave it up as a loss to a program quirk. It wasn’t much and I didn’t figure it would take me long to reconstruct it. Sometime. 🙄

Well, this evening I saw that WordPress 6.8.3 had been released. I checked to see what it was about and learned…

The “Quick Draft” tool on the dashboard screen was broken in the 3.8.2 update. If you tried to use it, your draft would disappear and it wouldn’t save.

Sooo…that’s what my “misfortune” had been about! I was glad to see the problem had been discovered and fixed.

But I was very impressed by this: Read it all

Posting About Progressing Pending Posts

Prospective titles for some posts...and some of their sub-points

I’m Waiting to Say aside, I’ve some other posts pressing my pericardium (I think). Earlier this morning I finally started outlining these four:

  • My Three Steps Toward Thankfulness
  • If I Had $50 to Spare
  • Tips for Wannabe Amazon Associates
  • How to Fix My Messed-Up Church

With these as their opening sub-points: Read it all

Have You Heard Railings Recently?

A banned speech pattern for Christians

ear up to a stair railing

No, not that kind of railing!

My general impression of the term railing has been one that has to do as much with content as with the tone and demeanor of the speaker.

The very day after hearing a definition that was milder than the one I’ve had, I had work-related occasion to check some book sources. Let me show you some of what I found.

dictionary defines the verb rail

OK, so it’s hard to read. See below. Read it all

WordPress: Auto Update 3.7.1

In the background. Seemlessly. Automagically.

I checked my email early yesterday morning and saw this snuggled in the Inbox:

auto update email notification | WordPress
A surprising entry in my email inbox!

History happened while I wasn’t looking! For the first time ever, one of my WordPress installations updated without any attention from me.

I clicked that email in my Inbox listing, and sure enough…

WordPress autoupdate message
Panting Hart, leaping from 3.7 to 3.7.1

So without any action on my part, my devotional blog churned through the WordPress Maintenance Release into 3.7.1 — nice!

I logged into Panting Hart and was greeted with this:

more background autoupdate stuff
Blog Splash Screen Notice

It truly was while I slept!

Though I prefer to maintain control over my sites, I welcome these automatic, background updates to WordPress. Thankfully, major updates aren’t included in this. For instance, December’s projected 3.8 upgrade we’ll still have to do manually.

Again, a huge thumbs-up to WordPress. (And you’re blogging using another platform…why? 😆 )

(More and Better) Secure Passwords

Long and simple is better and more effective...even than sentence-based with symbols and numbers

So hackers and attackers have been on the loose against self-hosted WordPress installations.

This post applies to you…even if you do not use WordPress!

I’m here with a message for you…not about WordPress…but about practicing safe passwords.

Four years ago I wrote about Pitching Pitiful Passwords.

This morning I was reminded of a simpler, yet more effective, password tactic: Read it all

Above all, love God!