Berwynn: Still the Candle Burns

No one asked me if I were willing to...

Our daughter Michayla writes stuff. Including a book I reviewed on Amazon. Alas, Amazon rejected my review. Because parents just aren’t objective, apparently. 😯

Here’s my little review:

Sex slave? Trafficked girl?

This book drew me in. Unexpectedly, it lifted my spirit several times along the way. It renewed my vision for the redemptive, victorious work of the Most High in our breaking, darkening, corrupting world.

At a couple places later in the book, my eyes welled up at the grace of Jesus to the “least” among us. One of those times was when Berwynn recognized the true identity of…eh, I better not be a spoiler!

Berwynn — is she a blend of Rahab, Deborah, and Mary Magdalene? Perhaps. But Casimir, one of the heroes all the way through the tale, early on declared in her defense, “She is a creation of the Most High. And I’ll not have her referred to as anything less than such.”

Well, it took me a few pages of reading to get “into” this book (since this genre generally isn’t my type of reading). But after that, I was hooked.

Thanks for the great read, Michayla!

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Do You Pressure Your Friends?

Do you condition your friendship on their compliance?
“If you make your friends do things to please you,
you are loving your own reflection through them.”
-Pete Martens

If you start feeling like I’m conditioning our friendship on your 100% compliance with my wishes, please let me know.

In fact, let me know if such conditioning reaches even 20%.

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Book Lot: Quilting and More

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I have five, nice-condition, hardcover books to sell as a lot for $25, postage paid.

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Above all, love God!