Help Haiti?

You know about the 100,000+ death toll currently being reported as a result of yesterday’s Haitian earthquake.

Christian Aid Ministries (a well-established, of-good-report Anabaptist relief organization headquartered in Berlin, Ohio, USA) operates medical clinics there.

So they’re well-positioned to help right away.

You can help them help the Haitians. Click the Haiti earthquake link in the green box on that page.

Thank you!

Two Exciting Investment Opportunities

I’m sure that by now most of you have heard of the financial meltdown being faced by the United States economy. It all started with the banking system starting to tremble. No, wait, it all started with people not being able to pay back all the money they had borrowed from the banks. Actually, I think it all started with real estate prices going down. Well, come to think of it, it really started before that, back when real estate prices went up. Or I guess it started before that, back when the banks decided to loan money to anybody who was willing to borrow money, which is what helped make the land prices go up.

Anyway, it started somewhere, sometime. And by all appearances, getting it started was a lot simpler than getting it stopped is going to be. You see, just this evening President Bush got on the radio, TV, and just about everything else he could get on and told Americans in general that there is going to be a widespread financial disaster. In other words, the average person would lose his house, his job, his retirement, his savings, his insurance, his sanity, and perhaps an arm and a leg. Unless, of course, we allow the government to step in and bail us out. Bail us out, mind you, to the tune of seven hundred billion dollars. For those of you who don’t know how much money that is, it is a 7 with a whole wagon load of zeros.

Anyway, in the midst of a world full of financial turmoil and uncertainty, I thought you would all be excited about a couple of wonderful investment opportunities I recently learned about. These are both guaranteed not to lose any of their value, and will not be affected by moth, rust, thieves, or financial market melt-downs. You have no need to fear when you invest in these securities, because they are backed by a pool of wealth far in excess of a measly 700 billion greenbacks. Read it all

Most? Seriously!

What percentage of global population lives in indigence and poverty?

So what’s with this BBC headline and story?

Most ready for ‘green sacrifices’

Most people are ready to make personal sacrifices to address climate change, according to a BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries.

I dare say most people on the planet have greater matters of more pressing concern regarding daily survival. I suspect they don’t know about or even care about global warming. They have nothing to sacrifice.

Where Little Ones CryBut to those who have money to spend and fall in BBC’s “most people” category, an extremely practical and helpful suggestion for a green sacrifice:

You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: I didn’t interview and/or poll anyone in any country. I have been wrong before.

Tsunami in Asia

No, this isn’t breaking news:

It’s been nearly a year since the tsunami devastated southeast Asia. Thousands of people were killed, thousands were left homeless, and thousands continue to be in need today.

Open Doors USA’s Carl Moeller explains. “Tens of thousands of communities are still wiped off the map with virtually no infrastructure remaining. And, we along with other agencies are continuing to find new pockets of just personal devastation throughout the tsunami areas.”

It’s broken news.

Should we care anymore? Do we care anymore?

If you care, I have a recommendation: Christian Aid Ministries.

Above all, love God!