An Essential Part of the Holy Spirit’s Work

He moves His people only to glorify Jesus.

bread photo: live by every word that comes out of God's mouth

God’s Spirit never guides in opposition to God’s Word.

Neither does He overlook the person and glory of Jesus.

As we approach the end, deception will continue to increase. Do not be confused or enticed by any message or revelation, said to come from the Holy Spirit, that has little to declare about Jesus and His glory.

Even in our day, over 2000 years after Pentecost, an essential part of the Holy Spirit’s work is to glorify Christ. Read it all

Would You Know This Papa?

Don't be surprised if you don't!

I wrote some special sentences for my high school Spanish class:

As you can see, I ended up with a nice little story. (I didn’t set out to do that, but things happen.) I should illustrate it.

I struggled for a title:

  • A Potato and a Pope
  • No Hay Papas
  • Of Potatoes and Popes
  • A House Without Papas
  • When a Papa Isn’t What You Expect

Weapons-Grade Assault Food

I've led a sheltered life -- I had no idea.

First of all, I’ve led a sheltered life — I had no idea about triangular pancakes. 😳

Second of all, what’s to keep the aggressive “non-lambs” from cutting their altered flapjacks back into weapons-grade assault triangles? 😯

Third of all, here’s the story as I copied and pasted it: Read it all

They Were Taught That?!

Check out these two excerpts from the 1691 New England Primer:

In Adam’s Fall
We Sinned all.

Thy Life to Mend
This Book Attend.

Where were the protesters and objectors and suers?

And the parents — didn’t they care?!

Where were the legislatures and the courts and the governors and the city counselors and the district attorneys and the meter maids?

What about equality and equal time and fairness doctrines for other religions and non-religions?

Didn’t they care separation of church and state?

And the poor children with such dreadful thoughts poked in their heads!


Ah, those were the days. No wonder the country then was in such poor shape. 😯

(And I suppose next we’ll hear parents spanked their children and made them be quiet at the table and didn’t let them play all rowdy-like on Sundays.)

Above all, love God!