Why Flavor Their Day So Poorly?

When your attitude and speech could give such good flavors!

We can flavor another’s day
By how we act and what we say.
So skip the sour and add some honey;
Embrace the Spirit of Christ to make the day Sonshiny.

picture reminding of the power of pleasant words
Pleasant words are sweet and health.
“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb,
sweet to the soul,
and health to the bones.”

Proverbs 16:21

Accept no substitutes!

Why leave others with a bad taste? It will go with you as well. Read it all

Perfect Peace. Fixed Heart. Eternal Glory.

Thanks to the God of all grace.

an image about being called by Jesus to eternal gloryA few nights ago I read a series of Scripture selections that really blessed me.

I was going to post them at Panting Hart, hoping to bless and encourage others. (Like you, for instance!) But I discovered last night that I’ve already posted them twice there (in 2011 and 2013).

So, I decided to write this short little post here and link to Not Afraid of Evil Tidings and After You Have Suffered Awhile at Panting Hart.

Oh, and here are three pieces to whet your appetite. Read it all

For Aching Hearts in the Cold Night

My heart still aches, Father; night is not past;
But in the cold and in the void I hear Your voice at last:
Is there any way that you could trust My love,
My life in you, My promise from above,
That joy comes in the morning, that beauty comes from pain?
Can you hold on one moment longer? Is there any way?

Read it all

Why Do You Exist?

Why were you born?

Are you a child born out of wedlock?

Or a child clearly not planned for by your parents?

Your presence on this planet may well be the result of your parents petitioning God for a gift. Then all I have to say to you here is this: Get on with fulfilling the vision of your parents and the purposes of God!

On the other hand, my dear reader, your presence here may not have been requested by your parents. For all that I know, you may be a so-called “illegitimate child…” Take heart! Not only are you just as legitimate a child as anyone else, you are on this planet by special divine appointment. God chose to put you here! Get on with fulfilling His vision and purposes!

A Child for the Lord

Be faithful to your mission here on planet Earth! Read it all

Above all, love God!