The Fog Below: Thoughts of Mortality

Ponderings from within an overwhelming sense of creeping sadness.

Early this morning, I sat in the kitchen, propped — elbow on table, chin in cupped hand. I stared, unfocused, out the window. Thinking. Remembering yesterday…

clouds in the sky, fog in the river bottom, clouds and fog in my head
I gazed out the window, thinking…

Late yesterday afternoon. Barely Wednesday in the week. Rocking news upon shocking news.

A friend in our congregation left this life. A friend to our congregation fell backward into a service pit, breaking his hip and fracturing his back. A third friend in our congregation learned of his brother’s terminal brain tumors. A fourth friend, just recently of our congregation, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Four cases! Far more than that many friends! All since early Monday morning!

An overwhelming sense of creeping sadness. Of deep ache.

And my wife and I struggling with our own health issues.

So now it was early this morning. I had just read the first 11 verses of Psalm 34. Here, read them… Read it all

Why God Stepped Down

A simple overview of the Eternal Spirit's objectives in taking on mortal flesh

The Scriptures say in Matthew 2:23 -- That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophetsHere is my second draft summary of some of God’s purposes in the Incarnation:

  1. Live a sinless life.
  2. Learn obedience through suffering.
  3. Be touched with the feelings of our infirmities.
  4. Give us an example.
  5. Defeat the devil.
  6. Vanquish death.
  7. Bear our sins and make atonement for them.
  8. Become our faithful High Priest.
  9. Rise again for our justification.
  10. Redeem us to God.
  11. Gain our victory over the flesh and sin.
  12. Make effective blood shed in the Old Testament systems of sacrifices.

Please help me refine the list with your comments below. Read it all

“James and Orpha, Come Home!”

Where we see an abrupt summons, God has seen a precious, long-scheduled event of glory.

At the vibrating buzz, I flipped open my cellphone…

James Smucker was killed

James Smucker was killed in an accident last night
and Orpha is in ICU. They were visiting Wisconsin.

I stared. Icy fingers squeezed my heart, bent my mind, twisted my emotions. How do you process a message like that? Rereading it carefully changed nothing.

My spirit reached out to the unerring Father, petitioning for His best for Orpha. He answered with exactly that. Read it all

Perfect Peace. Fixed Heart. Eternal Glory.

Thanks to the God of all grace.

an image about being called by Jesus to eternal gloryA few nights ago I read a series of Scripture selections that really blessed me.

I was going to post them at Panting Hart, hoping to bless and encourage others. (Like you, for instance!) But I discovered last night that I’ve already posted them twice there (in 2011 and 2013).

So, I decided to write this short little post here and link to Not Afraid of Evil Tidings and After You Have Suffered Awhile at Panting Hart.

Oh, and here are three pieces to whet your appetite. Read it all

For Aching Hearts in the Cold Night

My heart still aches, Father; night is not past;
But in the cold and in the void I hear Your voice at last:
Is there any way that you could trust My love,
My life in you, My promise from above,
That joy comes in the morning, that beauty comes from pain?
Can you hold on one moment longer? Is there any way?

Read it all

God Makes It Clear: Stephen Hawking Is a Fool

So Jesus came and died to redeem him.

Mr. Hawking said about something or other, “if there were a God. Which there isn’t.”

“The fool hath said in his heart,
There is no God.”
(Psalm 14:1)

I can admire or mock Mr. Hawking’s brash ignorance and unbelieving foolishness, but the big question for me is whether I live in daily acknowledgement of God’s existence. Read it all

Above all, love God!