Aunt Rosie Tribute

A nephew's expanding tribute...

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First, the obituary for Rosana Roth as found in the funeral bulletin…

“The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:34).

Rosana Mae Roth was born on November 11, 1931, in Upland, California. She was the second of the seven children of Jacob and Mary (Buckwalter) Roth. She and her older sister Lois graduated from high school in 1950 with the rest of Western Mennonite School’s first graduating class.

Never married, Rosana cared for the things of the Lord. She was a school teacher in the States for a total of eleven years in three communities: Deep Creek, Virginia; Elida, Ohio; and Harrisburg, Oregon. She went on to serve about three decades as a missionary and teacher in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Read it all

When You Have to Go in a National Park

Be sure to pick a single-occupancy restroom or outhouse.

Secretary of the Interior cheers gender-free bathrooms in national barks

June 27 tweet by Secretary of the Interior

So yesterday (apparently) the President decreed that national parks no longer honor the single-gender bathroom concept. (Gender-specific restrooms — what an antiquated concept in this great society. 😯 )

Apparently whatever the sign may say is no guarantee what you will find inside. So beware of using multiple-capacity restrooms. The spectators therein may be more “sexually varied” than you bargained for. Read it all

Why Do You Exist?

Why were you born?

Are you a child born out of wedlock?

Or a child clearly not planned for by your parents?

Your presence on this planet may well be the result of your parents petitioning God for a gift. Then all I have to say to you here is this: Get on with fulfilling the vision of your parents and the purposes of God!

On the other hand, my dear reader, your presence here may not have been requested by your parents. For all that I know, you may be a so-called “illegitimate child…” Take heart! Not only are you just as legitimate a child as anyone else, you are on this planet by special divine appointment. God chose to put you here! Get on with fulfilling His vision and purposes!

A Child for the Lord

Be faithful to your mission here on planet Earth! Read it all

How to Ensure a Father’s Success

My number one tip for being a successful father

This is my Happy Father’s Day! tip to all of us fathers:

Walk humbly with your heavenly Father.

This morning, that’s my number one tip for being a successful father. If we don’t walk humbly with the Father, He will resist us instead of helping us.

“But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: ‘God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble'” (James 4:6, NKJV).

And now for links and/or excerpts from five fatherhood posts from the archives… Read it all

Above all, love God!