My Friend Drove By

On Whiskey Hill Rd east of Hubbard, Oregon

I was walking east on the north side of the road in the brisk pre-evening pre-dusk late afternoon.

“Hi, Mark!”

He was driving east on the south side of the same road.

He had slowed down to shout out his open window.

I turned to look. He waved. I waved.

Happily. With a big grin.

I hadn’t seen him in way-too-long. Weeks.

My good friend in his old four-door blue-green pick-up. Read it all

Do You Pressure Your Friends?

Do you condition your friendship on their compliance?
“If you make your friends do things to please you,
you are loving your own reflection through them.”
-Pete Martens

If you start feeling like I’m conditioning our friendship on your 100% compliance with my wishes, please let me know.

In fact, let me know if such conditioning reaches even 20%.

I don’t want to be that kind of friend. Read it all

Harmony in the World

Well, Harmony on World, anyway.

Or maybe this should be titled “Headings for World”?

World Magazine: April 24, 2010
Her name is Harmony

I know that girl! She’s the daughter of one of my babyhood friends and good buddies, Darrell. (We grew up in Mexico together.)

Many WORLD readers nominated compassionate ministries for this year’s Hope Award for Effective Compassion contest. Charity expert Jill Lacey and I researched and assessed the entries and then sent a reporter and a photographer out on the road to see firsthand what groups are doing.

The first fruits of this exploration are on the pages that follow. We chose three finalists—Christ Clinic in Spokane, Youth Horizons in Wichita, and New Horizons in Colorado—and in San Diego late last month announced the champion: New Horizons.

Source: Effective compassion

Wow! Congratulations to New Horizons. God bless them in their service. And Harmony and other nannies also.

Read it all

Iced Tea and ITF

“Iced tea I know, but what’s ITF?” you might be asking yourself.

In this case, ITF stands for Iced Tea Forever.

He’s the second tenor in the no-longer-singing-together A Cappella Harmony Quartet.

The purpose of this post is to show him this “staged” photo I took an hour or two ago in our kitchen:


I make the iced tea around here, Tom. And mighty fine iced tea, I dare say — half peppermint, half spearmint. (I really like my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker.)

A Cane?

Somebody shot my good ole friend from way back when. Or maybe he shot himself. Even so, he’s not looking so bad. Really well, in fact.

But a cane?! He’s using a cane? 😯

Seriously, though, SRS, I hope things are looking up for you and your distinguished spouse.


Above all, love God!