What WordPress Lost for Me, It Found!

My "Quick Draft" simply vanished!

Last week I wrote a Quick Draft of an idea for a blog post on my ebooks blog. But it vanished without a trace when I clicked Save Draft the first time! 🙁

After searching for it high and low, I gave it up as a loss to a program quirk. It wasn’t much and I didn’t figure it would take me long to reconstruct it. Sometime. 🙄

Well, this evening I saw that WordPress 6.8.3 had been released. I checked to see what it was about and learned…

The “Quick Draft” tool on the dashboard screen was broken in the 3.8.2 update. If you tried to use it, your draft would disappear and it wouldn’t save.

Sooo…that’s what my “misfortune” had been about! I was glad to see the problem had been discovered and fixed.

But I was very impressed by this: Read it all

You Can’t Just Walk By

Amid the negativity all around us, some rays of cheer and good news…

Erika Jenkins was riding her bike home when she noticed an elderly woman walking alone, eastbound on Main Street, carrying a framed picture. Her own ears were freezing, but Jenkins noticed the woman wore only sweatpants, shoes and a long-sleeved shirt, with no jacket to shield her from the cold. Read it all

Good News from Chile Mine

Here’s some great news from a disaster site:

Rescue workers on Monday reinforced a small drill hole to serve as an umbilical cord to 33 miners found alive 17 days after a cave-in in Chile’s far north and say it will take months to dig them out.

In what relatives called a miracle, the miners on Sunday tied a note to a perforation drill that had bored a shaft the circumference of a grapefruit to the refuge where they are sheltered, 2,300 feet (700 meters) vertically underground.


Rescue workers now plan to use the bore hole to send plastic tubes containing glucose, hydration gels and food down to the miners to keep them alive while they dig a new shaft to extract them — which could take up to four months.

“The wait is very different now,” said Elias Barros, 57, whose brother is among those trapped. “It is a wait free of anguish. This isn’t over but we are much more hopeful it will end happily.”

Source: Chile secures lifeline to trapped miners

May they all get out alive.

Unlikely Good Samaritans

Four good samaritans

Some books have rough covers; others, frightening covers.

Some of those same books also have stories within them to match their covers.

Yet once in a while — unexpectedly, surprisingly, refreshingly, shockingly, happily — light bursts forth from the darkness.

So amidst the bad news, how about some good news?

The detention deputy was sitting at his desk when the inmate attacked. The deputy is 64; the inmate 40 years his junior.

Deputy Kenneth Moon had another disadvantage: He was the sole deputy in a jail pod that houses 62 inmates. The only nearby people who could help him were there because they have been charged with attempted murder, home invasion, drug dealing.

And yet they did.

The first one, Jerry Dieguez Jr., is in jail on an armed home invasion charge. When he saw inmate Douglas Burden put Moon in a chokehold, Dieguez didn’t hesitate.

He ran behind the desk and landed a haymaker of a punch on Burden.

Inmates Hoang Vu and Terrell Carswell also provided backup. […]

While Dieguez, Vu and Carswell kept Burden off the deputy, another inmate came charging over.

David Schofield […] reached over to the deputy, took his radio and called for help.

The inmates are credited with saving their jailer’s life.

Source: Inmates saved deputy’s life during attack, sheriff’s office says

Above all, love God!