Scandalous Scamps Schemingly School Scurrilous Skunks

Might this be a politically proclived post in disguise?

Scandalous — disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper; a louse devoted to scandal

Scamps — unscrupulous and often mischievous people; rascals; rogues; scalawags

Schemingly — making sly, underhanded, crafty plans

School — to educate; teach; train

Scurrilous — characterized by or using low buffoonery; coarsely jocular or derisive

Skunks — thoroughly contemptible people

And now you’ve had your delightfully delicious daily dictionary dose.

I suppose you thought this would be a politically proclived post pertaining to one or more or all of the following: Read it all

Perils of Borrowed Content

Whether in writing or public speaking, plagiarism is unethical.

At times I’ve seen lists or guidelines or policies on the Web that impress me as something I’d like to use as a pattern for my own site.

So I copy-and-paste.

Then I personalize it to my style and localize it to my site. (I dislike — and maybe disdain and despise — plagiarism.)

One problem with the practice of borrowing content is Read it all

Above all, love God!