Mexico: Check Out This View!

Or at least check out these view “establishers.”

My wife Ruby and I were in Guaymas Valley (Mexico) again; this time, the last part of June. And we stayed with Margaret Miller again. (Did I already tell you that in an earlier post?)

For breaks and entertainment, I experimented with various “frames” for some pictures.

southern view out the outhouse

looking east now, the length of the back porch

vertical view out of a jug
(me looking into a homemade clothespin holder/hanger)

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It Was Hot That Day!

Update way down below

This was at Margaret Miller’s place (a mission “compound” of Hope Mennonite Missions) in Guaymas Valley, Mexico:

Almost 110 degrees in the shade!

It was hot that day! (And it got at least two-tenths of a degree hotter than what it shows above.)

Thankfully, it was also very dry.

The wind that blew most of the day, as I recall, was also hot and dry.

On days like that, to stay healthy stay in the shade and drink liquids.

Do lots of both, in fact.

Anyway, I’m left wondering what the thermometer would have recorded if we’d had it out in the sun.

Yesterday, I did an experiment here at home (near Yoder, Oregon). Here are the results:

Thermometer in the shade

Thermometer in the sun

That must be why temperatures are measured “in the shade” rather than “in the sun.”


Originally posted: July 10, 2008 at 1:54 pm

Updated: July 12, 2008 at 2:03 pm

At 10:20 this morning, the temperature in the sun was 107, but in the shade it was merely 76.

View from the Ground

Maybe I inadvertently set my camera on a bug...

Bird’s-eye-view photos are neat and have their place.

I like to take bug’s-eye-view shots as well.

So here are some taken during our recent visit to northwest Mexico.

The water ran over
The hose was filling the “dam” around the plants.
We left the project untended too long.
The water ran over.
Location: front of Margy’s house in Ejido Santa María

Mark Roth, self-portrait
Location: same

Three people at Cochorit Beach at sunset: Mark Roth, Ruby Roth, Chris Strubhar
Mark & Ruby Roth and Chris Strubhar
tripod: beer bottle jammed into the sand
Location: Playa El Cochorit near Empalme, Sonora, Mexico

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Above all, love God!