Was I an Angel, Unaware?

He just might have thought so...

I was on my evening stroll (instead of my usual fast-paced walk), still headed in the general direction of my wife’s last-known-to-me general location. (No, the photo is not where I was at the time; four minutes earlier, I was there.)

my feet straddling the yellow line

It was raining. Somewhat to kinda breezy. Not particularly warm. I was wearing my big winter coat, oversized hood umbrellaing my head, hands drawn up into the sleeves.

I heard a car approaching from behind. Slowing down, it was. Read it all

Another Woman

I’m not a woman, so I can’t make a difference for another woman’s heart.

OK, that clarification aside, a four-frame picture story….

Cheerios: Free cholesterol screening

Cheerios: Another woman's heart

Cheerios: Donation code inside

Cheerios: $1 donation code used by Mark Roth

I’m waiting and waiting for www.cheerioshelpinghearts.com to finish loading so I “can make a difference for another woman’s heart.”

still waiting….

I see now it’s a Flash page. I’m on a very slow (31.2 Kbps) dial-up connection. Sorry, no $1 donation for free cholesterol screening this morning.

I was anticipating feeling like a politician — giving away someone else’s money. 😯

On the other hand, politicians get paid to give away others’ money. 🙄

Thankfully, it’s Sunday so I can plan to put some offering money in the collection plate later this morning.

Roths in Winston

"We always want to give to people that need help."

So this evening I looked at a Google Alert I got for the word Mennonite. Most of the time there’s little to nothing of interest to me in these Alerts.

But I saw David Roth, 10, and Winston (Oregon) mentioned. He’s my cousins’ son!

So I “had” to chase down the article: Read it all

Tips: Back Seat Driving

How to be the good kind of back seat driver

Ever pressed that imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side? Do you often feel your blood pressure rising as you sit powerless at the mercy of an inferior driver? How come, when you point out an obvious error, drivers always repay you with annoyance?

Believe it or not, no matter how frustrated you feel, your driver feels equally frustrated, if not more. Here are some ways to become a better backseat driver.


There’s nothing wrong with vigilance as a passenger. In fact, keeping an eye on the road makes the road a safer place. “Back seat driver” is a generally negative label these days, but you can turn those negatives into positives by offering constructive advice at proper times, in a way that also conveys some appreciation.

The author makes some good points. Be sure to check out the full article.

Above all, love God!