ISIS Sends 21 from a Beach to the Throne

42 men, each precious in the eyes of Jesus the Redeemer

21 Egyptians martyred by ISIS in Libya

Are the ones in orange pictured above among these now?

I don’t know enough to pretend to know the eternal status of those 21 Eygptian Copts slaughtered on that beach. But I thought of the Revelation scene(s).

I also thought of this angle: Read it all

Wishing You Could Help Fleeing Iraqis?

Christian Aid Ministries is looking to assist. Do you want to help?

I’m not here to report on the news. You don’t need that.

I’m here to let you know how you can help, if seeing and hearing about the unfolding collapse in Iraq makes you wish you could help the suffering ones somehow.

You know about Christian Aid Ministries, right?

Here are some excerpts of what they have to say about ISIS in Iraq and the crisis going on right now: Read it all

Bangladeshi Christians Told to Convert to Islam

"They were derailed, so we tried to put them on the right track."

Since some friends have served in Bangladesh and one of them plans to return later this month, this story of forced conversions to Islam drew my attention:

A local government official in central Bangladesh has halted the construction of a church, forced Christians to worship at a mosque and threatened them with eviction from their village unless they renounce their faith.


“Their threats chilled me to the bone. That is why I pretended to accept Islam, but faith in Christ is the wellspring of my life. Now I am no longer a Muslim; I am a Christian.”


Eight Christians agreed to return to Islam since Sept. 14, under the chairman’s orders. The chairman and his associates had already beaten some of those Christians three years ago for accepting Christianity.


Local chairman Faruk told World Watch Monitor that some Christians had been acting against Islam, due to their incorrect interpretation of the Qur’an.

“The Imams and other elders of the society called them for rectification because of their aberrant behaviour. They were derailed, so we tried to put them on the right track,” he said.

“Eight people who had deviated came back to Islam. We are trying to bring back others. To change a religion, a person needs to swear his or her name, and should inform a local magistrate. If the magistrate permits, then he or she can change religion. But what they are doing is completely wrong.”

The book on the right isn’t about Bangladesh, but it might interest you anyway. 🙂

To read the full article I quote above, read Bangladeshi Christians told to close church, convert to Islam.


Ahmadinejad Preaches to the United Nations

Who cares what some “third world” leader (and a likely “puppet” at that) has to say?

A lot of people have that attitude.

But this is the man “at the helm” of a nuke-bent radical state.

So I offer you some excerpts from Joel C. Rosenberg’s (books) piece: Read it all

Above all, love God!