Grasping for Explanations

This whole deal of the Islamic terrorists seizing the CPT folks in Iraq and threatening to kill them if some impossible demand isn’t met seems odd to me.

How to explain it?

I suppose we could say this group of Muslim terrorists is simply ignorant of (1) who CPT is, (2) what good PR is, and/or (3) what righteousness is.

Maybe they didn’t count on their fellow terror groups taking exception with them for snatching this particular group of people. (See below.)

Maybe this particular terrorist crew isn’t Islamic at all. Maybe they’re American and/or Israeli agents trying to give the Muslims some bad press. That would even explain the targets of choice. Hmmmm. Maybe after/if these four are executed, this is the explanation that will be given by some folks “out there.” Well, I guess if that’s how it happens, I’ll be able to say I read it first right here at my very own MVP. Big deal.

Anyway, Robbins over at National Review Online says this in his current piece:

A letter in the Mennonite Weekly Review featured a letter signed by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the Palestine People’s Party, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Union of Palestine, Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Liberation Front, and the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front. “We appeal to our brothers in the resistance and all those with alert consciences in Iraq,” the letter said, “with whom we consider ourselves to be in the same trench confronting American aggression and occupation, to instantly and quickly release the four kidnapped persons from CPT, in appreciation for their role in standing beside and supporting our Palestinian people and all the Arab and Islamic peoples.”

Why did these guys use the Mennonite Weekly Review?

Could it be they know the CPT-snatchers read MWR?

Now I’m getting carried away.

May God somehow glorify Himself through all this.

God is great and Daniel was His prophet!

Childless — Just Like That

As we knew it would, time continues on. Late this afternoon (11-15-05) will be two weeks since the five Schrock children were killed in an auto wreck in Washington State.

Schrock-Helm 2005 Crash

As we knew it would, time continues on.

Late this afternoon will be two weeks since this happened:

Pronounced dead at the scene were Carmen Joy Schrock, 12; Jana Louise Schrock, 10; Corina Jean Schrock, 8; Jerrill Burdiette Schrock, 5, and Creig Allen Schrock, 2.

In the course of the subsequent week, I sent out four reports to email subscribers of The Roth Report.

The link above takes you to the first one. Here are links to the others:

Above all, love God!