Avast, ThinkPad, Bible 900, Hungering, XP, and Me

Pre-April-8 priorities brought upon me by Microsoft and hackers

Plagiarists and hackers, Microsoft and Christian Light Publications, children and bill collectors — they’re all having their own say in my day in their own way.

But it’s up to me to weigh my priorities and then arrange them by order of weight.

Among the top things still undone (by me) today… Read it all

A Shot Across Google’s Bow?

Wherein one Internet titan shows a thing or two to another Internet titan’s competing browser:

Users report Microsoft Security Essentials removes Google Chrome

On September 30th, 2011, an incorrect detection for PWS:Win32/Zbot was identified and as a result, Google Chrome was inadvertently blocked and in some cases removed. Within a few hours, Microsoft released an update that addresses the issue. Signature versions 1.113.672.0 and higher include this update. Affected customers should manually update Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) with the latest signatures. After updating the definitions, reinstall Google Chrome. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

An inadvertent inconvenience — yup. Sure. You betcha. 😆

But, hey, they apologized.

I can believe that.

Question is, does Google? :mrgreen:

Next thing you know, we’re going to hear about some strange search (non)rankings and (non)results for Microsoft products.

Maybe when you do a search for “word processor suite,” the results will show WordPerfect back its rightful kingly place. And Microsoft Word(no-perfect-there) will show up once at the bottom of the first page of results…with an ominous warning about it being a potential attack site.

Stand by, folks. This could get exciting.

We may be entering a new phase of the browser wars. 😯

Meanwhile, maybe you’d better play it safe. Use Yahoo! for search, Firefox for browsing, and WordPerfect for documenting. (And maybe Linux for an operating system.)

This PSA has been brought to you by Mark Roth, Ain’t Complicated, and your local browser. You’re welcome.

PS: Coming tomorrow — His Name Is Obama. If current plans don’t hold, well, that post won’t be coming tomorrow. Keep your browser tuned to this…ah…station.

To Yahoo! (Or Not)

Yahoo! charged with helping Beijing suppress human rights – Asia News

The International Organisation for human rights has called web giant Yahoo! to court in the United States, guilty of having provided the Chinese government with information to trace and arrest journalists and dissidents.

The group — which has a long history of working to promote human rights world wide — has also asked a court in San Francisco to charge Yahoo! With complicity with Beijing in the abuse of civil rights and in acts of torture committed against arrested dissidents.


The web giant responded to the charges stating that it was obliged to work in agreement with the laws of each single state in which the system is used, but admitted that collaboration with the Chinese government had led to arrests and arbitrary detentions.

Law-abiding Yahoo! — good for them.

Microsoft and Google get “honorable” mentions in the article as well.

I use all three of them. Extensively.

Should I divest myself of them?

(I don’t approve of some ways my taxes are used either.)

(Nor do I approve of some of the stuff Yoder Store, Sharis, Safeway, WalMart, and Pizza Hut sell.)

Above all, love God!