How to Earn $901.65 a Month. On the Side.

At least. Easily. Eventually. Maybe even effortlessly, kinda.

Short answer: “Persuade 500 people to pay you $2 a month for an essential service.”

Longer answer: “Be a good seller who can help people see the advantages of using an email address for a mere $25 a year. But before that, you would need to buy the service, site, and domain from me. And you would also need to pay out $84 a month for the service to power the service. ”

So…why am I not earning at least $561.09 a month via this great service? I am not a good seller nor a good persuader. So I haven’t been able to get even 10 people paying $25 a year for this service.

And I probably won’t persuade you to buy the service, site, and domain from me. (But I’ve been wrong before.)

Buy for $3000!

Of course, you could forget the whole pursuit of filthy lucre and “unseemly capitalist profit” and offer the service for free. (But I really can’t offer it to you on that basis.)

Principles for Buying Your First Car

5 fundamentals to help weigh your options and make your decision

So you’re in the market for your first (or third) car. So sorry. 😥

OK, not really. I just didn’t want to say, “Congratulations!” 🙄

Whether you buy new or used, whether you buy something to last a long time or something to get you by for now, whether you buy with cash or with credit — use these five principles to help you weigh your options and make your decision:

  1. Don’t buy more than you need
  2. Try to avoid debt
  3. Don’t presume on income in the long haul
  4. Beware of pride
  5. Dependable first, looks last

That’s kinda skeletal, so let’s beef them up just a bit… Read it all

Where’s George

I toyed with using this for the post title:

Attention: Lester, IA

I sent these to a customer there yesterday:

Where's George in Lester, Iowa?

But you’ll have to be on the lookout for them by serial number, not by color (as distinctive as that is). I “adjusted” the color in the image, not on the actual bills.

Oh, and if you want to track/report sightings of these bills, you might be able to do so here and here.

Do you use Where’s George? I think I’ve listed 58 bills there over the years. But it’d been a long time since I’d added any.

Above all, love God!