The Christian Bares of Trillium Lake?

Laid bare: a lake, a mountain, and other handiwork of the Creator

Yesterday we had a family outing to Trillium Lake. (It was a birthday thing.)

Summer Bare Country
Summer Bare Country

This morning early I thought back on the other vistas of God’s creation which awaited us there. And I wondered…

  • How many of those nude legs belong to women worship team members?
  • How many of those barely covered breasts have the heart of a female Sunday School teacher beating behind them?
  • How many Christian male eyeballs tracked back for one more discreet look?
  • How many Christian men wrestled with wistful wishes, treacheous thoughts, and deadly desires?
  • How much ache in the Creator’s heart?
  • Will His heart have any revulsion in church services today?

You could read that as me looking down my nose on fellow Christians or fellow fallen humans. You could accuse me of being a Puritanical prude. You could charge me with contemptuous condemnation. You could slam me for sanctimonious something-or-other. And you’d be wrong.

I’m not blind to the beauty of forbidden fruit, OK? But in my other-world moments I look beyond eyeball-grabbing displays and feel compassion. Read it all

Oregon Coast: Helicopter Rescue

If you keep an eye on the tide and the breakers, you'll be OK...

My OregonLive RSS feed showed a dramatic helicopter rescue story. I like helicopters and Depoe Bay, so I clicked.

I looked at the photo and thought, “That rock sure looks like one I’ve climbed various times over the decades. That’s got to be at Fogarty Creek!”

Fogarty Creek (Oregon Coast) Helicopter Rescue

Sure enough: Read it all

Full Harvest SuperMoon

As seen near Hubbard, Oregon, the night of September 9, 2014
“And God made two great lights;
the greater light to rule the day,
and the lesser light to rule the night:
he made the stars also.”

(Genesis 1:16)

The big night was September 8-9, 2014. The three photos I got that night aren’t so great.

So here are my photos the following night, taken 8:04-8:19 pm (Pacific) on September 9.

Supermoon rising behind trees east of Hubbard, Oregon USA
“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” (Psalm 19:1).

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Blood Red Moon Full Lunar Eclipse Expectations

What I expect to experience...

It’s coming to a solar system near me. Any time now.

What shall I expect?

  • Y2K finally?
  • The battle of Gog and Magog?
  • Martial law?
  • The Russian annexation of Ukraine?
  • The collapse of Windows XP?
  • A heartbleed leaking all over the Internet?
  • The Rapture?
  • A solar flare setting us back to the Neanderthal age?
  • The West Coast falling off the United States?

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“I Think I Made a Great Scientific Discovery”

I'd originally been looking at my nose.

And like most discoveries of any significant magnitude, I came upon it quite by accident.

In my peripheral vision, really.

So I looked directly. At myself. As I studied the mirror.

I’d originally been looking at my nose. Now my attention was focused elsewhere, distracted by those goings on previously at the edge of my vision.

Yep. I’d definitely learned something new, even this far past my 54th birthday.

I hurried to the kitchen for my wife’s help in confirming this amazing accidental discovery.

“I think I made a great scientific discovery!”

She was busy with supper preparations, but she humored me with less-distracted attention. Read it all

Above all, love God!