Watchful Mother

After I loosed our dog yesterday, I heard the commotion of a killdeer. So I walked in the direction of the noise, saw the bird, and backtracked from it with my gaze.

There they were. Since I had Dora’s camera with 12X zoom, I didn’t have to get too close:

Killdeer eggs

After shooting the eggs, I stood still and watched Mama Killdeer. She gave up pretending to be wounded and started walking toward me:


I stood my ground. Will she attack me?

She didn’t. I held still. I was amazed she finally went all the way to her nest with me standing less than ten feet away!

Killdeer and eggs

What a beautiful bird!

Thank you, Lord! I was so blessed and cheered and encouraged.


It’s June, the very first day thereof!

June — a month with lots of weddings and, presumably, lots of kissing going on.

The sun was rising this morning when I went out to feed the cats, let the hens out, and unchain the dog.

“Kissed by the Rising Sun,” I thought, “makes a good title for a blog post of some photos.”

So I went back in for my little Kodak Easy Share CX7330 digital camera.

Here is my first selection:

Sun kissed rose

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Beau Vine

Bovine, actually. Cows, you know.

But first, the owner of the cows around here:

TW tilling our garden...again

Yup, he’s tilling our garden. For the third time in a week. Voluntarily. Free of charge. He’s a great landlord! (Thank you, TW!)

Note: Some of the images below are clickable-to-see-a-larger-version.

But back to bovine matters. Here’s one of the many mothers around here, accompanied by her child:

Mom and kid with God's background

The background is fuzzy but it gives you an idea of the beautiful views we have out back.

Here’s that same mother and kid:

Cows doing what cows do -- staring

Oh, I mentioned the views out back, here’s another one (shot in the evening haze), this one of Oregon’s own Mt. Hood:

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Dandelion Eradication


Because I want them DEAD.

This year we’re doing something different. We’re picking off the tops. That ought to do it.

This morning I picked the ones that were visible. And took them on a walk. Down our driveway to the highway below. Now they’re DEAD.

I even took some photos with my cellphone. Because of image quality issues, I didn’t make the images below Clickable-Into-A-Bigger-Size.

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Morning Hike

Late this morning, our youngest-but-already-fifteen son Andrew and I went on a one-hour hike. Just here on our home place.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already read this:

Sitting in sun on tree root by tiny babbling waterfall in little creek in back 40. Peaceful!

I posted that to Twitter from my cellphone at 10:52 this morning. (For a practically-fifty-year-old, that’s pretty amazing stuff even yet!)

Anyway, this is where I was when I Twittered that:

Mark Roth, roosting on a root.

Mark Roth, waxing meditative by a creek

Sitting there in the warm sunshine listening to the babbling waterfall was therapeutic, relaxing, and conducive to thinking thoughts.

Then I looked to my right and my thoughts became less meditative and more contemplative. “If he becomes territorial and aggressive, how long will this little creek delay him?”

Alert for the bull, who's keeping an eye on me

After eyeballing me a couple of times, he ignored me in favor of keeping his attention focused on the grass.

So I turned my attention upward:

Looking over my head from my perch on the root over the creek

Then zoomed in on the left-most branches:

Still looking overhead from over the creek, but zoomed in

A very nice place to be. Oh, hey, I just remembered I have an aerial shot:

Our place from space

The tree I sat under is in the tree line to the right of the five-sided field at the right edge of the photo. 🙂

Above all, love God!