Kenneth Miller Trial: Day 1

After this paragraph, the rest of this post was written by Loyal Martin, one of the observers present at Kenneth Miller’s trial. Loyal did not write this for use here at Ain’t Complicated, but he did give me permission to republish his report here. Thank you, Loyal! (I made some minor proofreading changes.) Now, his report of the proceedings on Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

We arrived at court about 9:00 this morning in time to hear the opening statements from the prosecution and the defense. Throughout the day the prosecution brought 5 witnesses which gave testimony. Read it all

Tim Miller Case Corrections

Reports have it that Timothy David Miller got involved in the Lisa and Isabella Miller case because Lisa attended the church he pastors in the US. As I understand it, that is not true.

  • Tim has never pastored a church in the United States. He pastors a small congregation in Nicaragua.
  • Lisa attended a Baptist church. Tim is not Baptist; rather, he is Beachy (also variously known — I guess — as Amish-Mennonite and Beachy-Amish).

I’ve also seen it reported that Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) was involved in this case. I understand that to be a false report as well. CAM has made it very clear they were not involved with Lisa and Isabella.

Now a few excerpts from some notes by Loyal Martin (Philadelphia, NY) after Tim’s court hearing Monday morning:

  • Tim, Joanna, and the family came in (and departed) with the appointed attorney to help avoid entanglements with the press. They appeared calm and respectful.
  • The courtroom was filled to capacity with support from 3 NY churches, 2 VT churches, and several families from PA.
  • A family support fund is being set up in PA.
  • Charges are being considered against Joanna and her mother as well.

I had this post mostly ready to post late last night, but I held off, awaiting confirmations and clarifications of some details.

This morning I read a piece that says Tim is in prison. No, he isn’t. He’s free on bail.

USA v. Timothy David Miller

What’s the deal with Timothy David Miller’s alleged involvement in Lisa Miller‘s alleged international parental kidnapping of her own biological daughter (a minor of whom she had legal custody)?

I don’t know, even though I’ve read plenty of news accounts and other online commentary.

Is Tim guilty as accused?

I don’t know that either. After reading a document purporting to be the official Read it all

Above all, love God!