Oregon Coast: Helicopter Rescue

If you keep an eye on the tide and the breakers, you'll be OK...

My OregonLive RSS feed showed a dramatic helicopter rescue story. I like helicopters and Depoe Bay, so I clicked.

I looked at the photo and thought, “That rock sure looks like one I’ve climbed various times over the decades. That’s got to be at Fogarty Creek!”

Fogarty Creek (Oregon Coast) Helicopter Rescue

Sure enough: Read it all

Replacing the Pudding River Bridge

So the county (Marion? Clackamas?) is planning to replace our nice, old, unique, historic, bent bridge across the Pudding River, eh?

You know, the one east of Hubbard (Oregon, naturally) on Whiskey Hill Road.

Replacing it is fine and dandy with me…provided they leave it there. 😯

They could restrict access to foot traffic, put picnic tables on it, and so forth. Of course, they would have to put the new bridge a few feet upstream from it. Read it all

Above all, love God!