Prayer Chewing

An absent son, a present pancake, a father's present

Some folks go prayer walking.

toasted pancakeA few minutes ago, I chose to do some prayer chewing. (Why not?)

Our youngest son Andy is on the East Coast somewhere singing with Tapestry Chamber Singers. He likes to eat leftover pancakes, toasted. I needed a late afternoon snack. I opened the fridge. I saw a bag with leftover pancakes from yesterday morning’s breakfast.

I toasted one in his honor. And thought of him. And prayed for him. While I chewed. (It’s what Dads should do.) Read it all

How Many Music Makers Can a House Hold?

I don't know about the typical household, but ours has several.

Night before last, as I looked for a certain old photo in one of our albums, I noticed this one:

Andrew Roth baby organ
“Hmmm… Big sister LaVay does this…”

Well, one thing has led to another for our youngest son Andy.

A song by Chayli and Andy
He composed the music for his sister Chayli’s poem.

I don’t know how he does it… Read it all

Love: The Proof Is in the Pudding

That love you profess -- Is it curdled and barf-worthy?

Love, the proof is in the putting

Love puts its object first.

When you tell him, “I love you,” you’re saying you put him first.

When you declare your love for them, you’re committing yourself to keep putting them ahead of yourself.

Love puts aside selfish self-interests and self-centered self-absorption in order to do what is best for another.

Love puts a premium on the good of another…and without complaint or self-pity pays that premium.

Love puts its best into benefiting the other. Read it all

How to Alienate Children and Influence Generations

Parents pigging out at the mobile trough get my goat!

angry or sad child while mom is on cell phone

Have you ever watched families at a fast food joint? Some folks from Boston Medical Center got curious about such social events. We’ve got a problem, Houson.

Before illuminating the problem, though, I offer you an attainable solution:

happy family with no electronic toys or mobile devices at mealtime

Parents, put down your electronics and take up your own flesh and blood! Disconnect from you mobile devices and connect with your children.

That’s my short response to this unscientific-but-telling study: Read it all

Why Do You Exist?

Why were you born?

Are you a child born out of wedlock?

Or a child clearly not planned for by your parents?

Your presence on this planet may well be the result of your parents petitioning God for a gift. Then all I have to say to you here is this: Get on with fulfilling the vision of your parents and the purposes of God!

On the other hand, my dear reader, your presence here may not have been requested by your parents. For all that I know, you may be a so-called “illegitimate child…” Take heart! Not only are you just as legitimate a child as anyone else, you are on this planet by special divine appointment. God chose to put you here! Get on with fulfilling His vision and purposes!

A Child for the Lord

Be faithful to your mission here on planet Earth! Read it all

Only Spank Kids on Their Behinds

So say Manitoba social workers (who actually don't support spanking, just so you know).

Manitoba social workers want parents of an orthodox Mennonite community to promise they will only spank kids on their behinds and not use objects, such as belts, as punishment.

Makes sense to me. (“But I suppose that comma after objects shouldn’t be there,” said the Grammar Guardian.)

The parenting rules and discipline guidelines are spelled out in a recent letter from the government’s Child and Family Services Department to members of the tiny community, where Mounties made arrests over several weeks this summer.

The Canadian version of CSD actually allows spanking?! 😯 Read it all

How to Ensure a Father’s Success

My number one tip for being a successful father

This is my Happy Father’s Day! tip to all of us fathers:

Walk humbly with your heavenly Father.

This morning, that’s my number one tip for being a successful father. If we don’t walk humbly with the Father, He will resist us instead of helping us.

“But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: ‘God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble'” (James 4:6, NKJV).

And now for links and/or excerpts from five fatherhood posts from the archives… Read it all

Above all, love God!