Horsetail Falls, Oregon

Via I-84 via old Columbia River Hwy via Crown Point Vista House

We — all 18 of us — were there yesterday for our annual James & Noreen Roth family outing.

Horsetail Falls is upriver two-and-half miles or so from the more-famous Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

We didn’t go directly there, of course. We took Exit 22 off I-84 East to the old Columbia River Highway (Hwy 30) and stopped first at the Crown Point Vista House. What a structure! And what a view!

From there we went to Multnomah Falls to see it (of course) and to hike up to the bridge. Two of us (namely, Russell and Andrew) hastily chugged up to the top of the falls. Before they got back, most of the rest of us backtracked a quarter mile of so to Wahkeena Falls to set up our picnic lunch. Then we drove on — roughly 2.5 miles to Oneonta Gorge where we walked through the old tunnel as well as down by a creek a bit.

Another half mile or so of driving got us to Horsetail Falls.

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Your Stuff on Facebook

So you have a Facebook account.

What rights do you have regarding what you post (comments, photos, and such)?

I don’t know.

But according to what this fellow found in their terms of use…

…putting any of your work up on Facebook you are giving them carte blanche to use your photos, artwork or writings for anything they want including, advertising, promotion etc…

So they’re excluded from any copyright protections, eh?

In my view, chalk up another negative in the Facebook column.

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Mexico: Check Out This View!

Or at least check out these view “establishers.”

My wife Ruby and I were in Guaymas Valley (Mexico) again; this time, the last part of June. And we stayed with Margaret Miller again. (Did I already tell you that in an earlier post?)

For breaks and entertainment, I experimented with various “frames” for some pictures.

southern view out the outhouse

looking east now, the length of the back porch

vertical view out of a jug
(me looking into a homemade clothespin holder/hanger)

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View from the Ground

Maybe I inadvertently set my camera on a bug...

Bird’s-eye-view photos are neat and have their place.

I like to take bug’s-eye-view shots as well.

So here are some taken during our recent visit to northwest Mexico.

The water ran over
The hose was filling the “dam” around the plants.
We left the project untended too long.
The water ran over.
Location: front of Margy’s house in Ejido Santa María

Mark Roth, self-portrait
Location: same

Three people at Cochorit Beach at sunset: Mark Roth, Ruby Roth, Chris Strubhar
Mark & Ruby Roth and Chris Strubhar
tripod: beer bottle jammed into the sand
Location: Playa El Cochorit near Empalme, Sonora, Mexico

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Desert Dipping

I am on my way home from my latest trip to Mexico.

Friday afternoon I went on a walk. On my way back to the desert village where I was staying (and where we used to live), I got to feeling quite warmed up by the sun. Thankfully, the course I was charting took me by an irrigation pump close to town.

Here is the same place from a different angle and closer up.

Well, I felt hot enough and it looked inviting enough . . . .


If you haven’t yet, you ought to try that sometime.

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