Better Than Being There

If it looks too good to be true … – 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

It turns out that amazing line of fireworks footprints marching from Tiananmen Square to the Bird’s Nest stadium during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics was computer-generated and inserted into television coverage to look like the real thing.

It was fake.

It didn’t go down like that.

Of course, this is a case of good news-bad news.

I was in Tiananmen Square on Friday evening, reporting and writing a column on the tens of thousands of jubilant Chinese citizens who gravitated there to celebrate. Those people saw two tiny flarelike blasts pop in the sky, followed by a lot of nothing, and they were probably baffled by the widespread reports of the lit-up sky, exploding footprints and brilliant fireworks. And today, I’m thinking those people are relieved to learn they’re not losing their marbles.

That’s the good news.

Above all, love God!