Looking at a Towering Stack of Failure?

If you are, may I entice you with hope in the midst of failure, defeat, and discouragement? All things are possible with Christ! He is the God of all hope.

I just read From this day forward by Andrée Seu Peterson. Wow!

Before giving you the link to her article, some excerpts to entice you with hope in the midst of failure, defeat, and discouragement:

He has given me a husband who lost 30 years in addiction and 12 years in prison and who assures me constantly it’s not too late because God will use every bit of it for our good, our children’s good, and His glory, and will restore all the years that the locusts have eaten.

Read it all

Trouble and Tea Meet in Dorcas Smucker’s Teapot

I pour myself a cupload for the hilarity...and am not disappointed. Then I discover the life lessons...and am blessed.

Closing his devotional at a recent Hopewell business meeting, our former bishop remarked that he’d been reading a new book that afternoon and had a quote for us:

When he concluded with “by Dorcas Smucker,” I knew which book he’d been reading. 🙂

A few days after that, I was chatting a bit with one of my high school Spanish students. She had just slipped back into school from her first round of chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Read it all

Above all, love God!