Kenneth L Miller, Federal Prisoner 08464-082

When the Christian faithful collide with a society in the grip of Satan's tyranny

Because “a woman’s faith and modern society collided,” Ken Miller reported to federal prison in Virginia on March 22, 2016.

In this “war against Satan’s tyranny,” Ken holds to the view that the proper weapons must be employed by the faithful disciple of Jesus. In the excerpt below, notice how he identifies such weaponry.

Ken Miller bids farewell to his home congregation Read it all

Yazidis and Christians — Genocide in Progress?

What Christian Aid Ministries is doing to help a "little" bit.


Joel C. Rosenberg reports:


Even the media and the politicians are finally using the term genocide to describe what is going on in Iraq. Read it all

Convert or Be Gone

When Protestants refuse to convert to Catholicism

I wonder what I would do if this happened to me:

The Protestants were forcibly displaced in early 2010 after village authorities destroyed their church and issued an ultimatum to the Protestants to convert to Catholicism.

I wonder what side of this story is offered by the village authorities.

I wonder what the Protestants did or didn’t do to trigger this action.

I wonder what the Pope’s stance is on this. Read it all

Hans Schlaffer, Detained in Austria

And eventually beheaded by the state church

They despised his beliefs. They branded him a heretic. They opted for intolerance and unwillingness to co-exist. Their final solution for him was contrary to justice…and the godliness they professed to defend.

No, this didn’t happen recently. Yet Schlaffer’s testimony lives on, unsilenced by the executioner’s sword.

Hans lost his head for his faith in Jesus, but he gained an eternal reward which hasn’t faded a bit after all these years (years which I don’t suppose he has noticed). (I wonder if Ernie Miller has met him yet.) (Grammarians, am I allowed a parenthetical train like this?!)

Well, here’s an introduction to Hans Schlaffer’s story on this day 486 years ago:

The December evening was cold. As Hans Schlaffer left the Anabaptist meeting in Schwaz, he was headed up the Inn River toward his home in the mountains of Austria. There he planned to sit out the winter months until Spring, when he would renew his ministry. But the plans of this former Roman Catholic priest received a rude shock.

On this day, December 5, 1527, Hans Schlaffer was arrested by local Roman Catholic authorities. […]

When asked on what foundation the Anabaptists rested, he replied, “Our faith, actions, and baptism rest on nothing else than the commandment of Christ.”

I am fascinated by these excerpts from one of his last recorded prayers: Read it all

Only Spank Kids on Their Behinds

So say Manitoba social workers (who actually don't support spanking, just so you know).

Manitoba social workers want parents of an orthodox Mennonite community to promise they will only spank kids on their behinds and not use objects, such as belts, as punishment.

Makes sense to me. (“But I suppose that comma after objects shouldn’t be there,” said the Grammar Guardian.)

The parenting rules and discipline guidelines are spelled out in a recent letter from the government’s Child and Family Services Department to members of the tiny community, where Mounties made arrests over several weeks this summer.

The Canadian version of CSD actually allows spanking?! 😯 Read it all

Above all, love God!