September 11: Eight Years Ago

The Roth Report
US Terror
Report #1

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
7:30 a.m. Pacific

A phone call a few minutes ago alerted me to turn on my radio.

Not much detail yet, but….

New York City and Washington, DC, have been hit by major terrorist strikes.

Hijacked planes crashed into both World Trade Center towers (around 9:00 am Eastern) and into the Pentagon. Possibly also the State Department.

One of the trade center towers collapsed half an hour or so ago.

No-fly zone established in NYC, at least over Manhattan Island. Air force fighters aloft with shoot-down orders.

Nationwide air travel system shut down.

Too early for casualty counts.

Haven’t heard of claims of responsibility.

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Our World Has Changed

Our World Has Changed

We used to read about terrorism in other countries. We encountered suicide bombers and germ warfare only in the newspapers. We could hardly have imagined hijacked jets smashing into buildings or deadly anthrax spreading through the U.S. mail.

Our world has changed. We have heard the sirens. We have turned horrified eyes to the burning skies. The flaming towers are etched forever on our memories. Every day the altered skyline reminds us of the tragedy.

Our world has changed. We watch in dismay as HAZMAT teams examine post offices. We grieve the loss of friends and loved ones. We know fear.

The unbelievable has happened. And our world has changed.

One thing has not changed.

Terrorist Attack!

September 11, 2001 — a day that will live in history and in the memories of those old enough to remember that day. On that day, well-trained terrorists hijacked airliners and used them as missiles of mass destruction in New York and Washington. Millions in the United States and beyond now live in fear of more attacks from a foe that is determined, elusive, and exceedingly difficult to confront. Even if guns and warplanes could destroy hundreds of terrorists and their strongholds, who is to say that more of them are not hiding out somewhere else?

The world begs for solutions to the terrorist menace, but solutions are hard to come by.

As I thought about the terrorist menace, I began to contemplate another more serious terrorist operation.

Living by Faith

Whether he’s a master terrorist or a stellar citizen, the faith of Jesus is what he needs for redemption. Whether she’s the best or the worst humanity has to offer, the faith of Jesus is what she needs for redemption. Whether they grew up in a rock-solid Christian home or in demon-worshiping home, only the faith of Jesus will bring them redemption. Thankfully, no matter who or how anyone is, Jesus makes His redemption available to them.

When Terror Strikes Home

Terrorists strike and our world erupts in dust, fire, and chaos. As we look around with shell-shocked gaze, suffering and insecurity leap at us from the rubble. Pain tears across the faces of the injured. Specters of suffering rise from the rubble to grip our heart the specters of stark terror, crushing bereavement, helpless fury, and mind-numbing bewilderment and shock. The scene burns indelibly into our very soul.

We begin to ask questions. “Why!? Where are You, God? Don’t You care about us anymore? Why do You permit such suffering and chaos?”

Is God responsible for it all? Is He still in control? What does the Bible say?

September 10

Seven years ago today, it was still assumed to be acceptable to have a September 10 mentality.

Will tomorrow be the last day we’ll still be judged sensible for having a September 11 mentality?

I don’t know. (But neither do you.)

So what else happened on September 10?

1846 — Elias Howe receives a patent for his sewing machine.

1963 — Twenty black students enter Alabama public schools following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace.

1981 — Pablo Picasso’s painting “Guernica” is returned to Spain and put in Madrid’s Prado Museum. Picasso’s will said that the painting was not to return to Spain until the Fascists lost power and democracy restored.

1998 — President Clinton meets with members of his Cabinet to apologize, ask forgiveness, and promise to improve as a person in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

2002 — Switzerland becomes the 190th member of the United Nations.

2008 — The world’s greatest atom-smasher starts operations in Geneva, Switzerland. So far, no Big Bang has been reported, but it’s still early in the day.

More Time for Redemption?

I’m sure you’ve already read/heard:

September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui should spend his life in prison instead of being executed for his role in the hijacked airliner attacks, a U.S. jury decided on Wednesday.

I’m left amazed and wondering.

I wonder if his (potentially) longer life will result in his spiritual redemption.

I wonder if that was a jury of his peers (and if it wasn’t, will a mistrial be declared).

I wonder if this is how the war on terror(ism) is to be fought.

I wonder why I thought he should get the death penalty.

I wonder how his case was so much stronger than Timothy McVeigh’s.

I wonder if this means McVeigh got a bum rap (or if McVeigh’s jury would have “hung” Moussauoi).

I wonder how many Christians will (still?) pray for his salvation.

I wonder how many Christians will (still?) wish for his death.

I wonder what the just sentence would be.

I wonder how many people are genuinely happy with the verdict.

I wonder what kind of comments his Al-Qaeda pals will make.

I wonder what Moussaoui truly thinks.

I wonder what I’m supposed to think.

I wonder what you think.

I wonder what God thinks.

Above all, love God!