LibreOffice Writer: Bookmarks vs References

Please help me understand the functional distinctions between them.

I’m hard put to grasp when to use which for cross-referencing. From all the experimenting I’ve done, it appears to me that it boils down to personal preferences and not anything technical. What am I missing?

I know that bookmarks are faster to create. But you have to open the dialog each time. On the other hand, creating a target/reference involves more steps, but you can leave the dialog open to create multiple targets/references. Read it all

Avast, ThinkPad, Bible 900, Hungering, XP, and Me

Pre-April-8 priorities brought upon me by Microsoft and hackers

Plagiarists and hackers, Microsoft and Christian Light Publications, children and bill collectors — they’re all having their own say in my day in their own way.

But it’s up to me to weigh my priorities and then arrange them by order of weight.

Among the top things still undone (by me) today… Read it all

Windows 8.1 — New Panes or Just Pains?

What do you think of the latest Window into your computer?

If your computer Windows are broken and the shards are giving you lots of pains, Microsoft has just made Windows 8.1 available for download.

And here’s one paragraph from their blog, Blogging Windows:

Start the way you want. The Start screen in Windows 8.1 is more customizable than ever with new tile sizes, new background designs and colors – allowing you to make the Start screen on your device unique and personal to you (you should see some of the color combinations I’ve come up with for my Start screen!). You can also choose how you start your Windows experience – at the Start screen or the desktop. The Start button is back. And there is an improved Apps view that allows you to see all your apps the way you want.

Better yet, you can purchase the updated windows over at Amazon.

If you use Windows 8, please tell us three things you like about it. And one you don’t.

ThinkVantage Configuration Update Stalls

God (I am persuaded) brought a thought to my mind: Maybe your anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall Zone Alarm is blocking ThinkVantage in that final stage.

I had set out to do an overdue update to the ThinkVantage software on my IBM ThinkPad R51e.

All went well until I tried to install the ThinkPad Configuration Update. Overall progress went to 99%, then backtracked to 98%, then eased back up to 99% again. Back and forth, back and forth.

I tried this installation repeatedly in the course of several days. I tried it as a directly downloaded-and-installed process. I tried it as a deferred update installation. Always the same results.

I searched Google. I searched Lenovo’s forums. I found no help. Read it all

How to Make an eBook Cover

So you have an ebook ready for market — or well on its way to being ready, like I do — but you need a cover.

What software or service should you I use to design that cover? (I updated this post at the end on October 18, 2012.)

I did some minimal research and came across an outfit called MyeCoverMaker. With a name like that, what’s there not to like? (Some free options closed the deal for me.) Read it all

WordPerfect, for a Better Word

While scanning through PC Magazine’s article on Firefox 12 (color me loyal blue) in high-speed overview mode, I noticed a link to their WordPerfect Office X6 Review & Rating. Well, of course I clicked it:

The number of people who use WordPerfect Office is an almost unnoticeably tiny fraction of the millions using Microsoft Office, but they tend to be intensely loyal.

Read it all

Above all, love God!