Principles for Buying Your First Car

5 fundamentals to help weigh your options and make your decision

So you’re in the market for your first (or third) car. So sorry. 😥

OK, not really. I just didn’t want to say, “Congratulations!” 🙄

Whether you buy new or used, whether you buy something to last a long time or something to get you by for now, whether you buy with cash or with credit — use these five principles to help you weigh your options and make your decision:

  1. Don’t buy more than you need
  2. Try to avoid debt
  3. Don’t presume on income in the long haul
  4. Beware of pride
  5. Dependable first, looks last

That’s kinda skeletal, so let’s beef them up just a bit… Read it all

ThinkVantage Configuration Update Stalls

God (I am persuaded) brought a thought to my mind: Maybe your anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall Zone Alarm is blocking ThinkVantage in that final stage.

I had set out to do an overdue update to the ThinkVantage software on my IBM ThinkPad R51e.

All went well until I tried to install the ThinkPad Configuration Update. Overall progress went to 99%, then backtracked to 98%, then eased back up to 99% again. Back and forth, back and forth.

I tried this installation repeatedly in the course of several days. I tried it as a directly downloaded-and-installed process. I tried it as a deferred update installation. Always the same results.

I searched Google. I searched Lenovo’s forums. I found no help. Read it all

Take This, Facebook Timeline!

Wherein Mark Roth assays to show you how to make the most of Facebook's Timeline. A (mostly) bellyache-free post with some helpful tips and tricks (or tidbits).

That’s right, I don’t like Facebook’s Timeline. 😯 I even say so on my cover image.

But this isn’t a post to bellyache about Timeline or its involuntary imposition on the masses of we humble proletariat. 🙄 Read it all

Above all, love God!