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[EAF disbanded in late 2001]
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A Final Word of Thanks
A Final Word of Thanks

It remains, then, for me to express, on behalf of the Board of Directors, our heartfelt thanks to each of you who has supported and encouraged us over the years. At various times, many have written or phoned to express appreciation for the work EAF was doing and the stand we were taking on the crucial issues facing the Christian community. We did not accomplish all that we had envisioned, but we were faithful in what we did do, and we are prepared to give account for our stewardship of time and resources when we stand before the Lord.

From the moment this ministry was chartered in October 1992, many of us looked forward to the day when we would no longer need to exist. The founders did not envision a permanent organization. They always perceived EAF as a means to an end (spiritual renewal in our church), not the end itself.

Far more important than any organization has been the vision which energized EAF. For nine years we have consistently declared our belief in the viability of evangelical Anabaptism. Our motto summarizes the goal of our existence: Reclaiming the Heart of Our Heritage. Although EAF will cease to exist as an organization, we pray that our vision will continue to energize a vibrant, vital evangelical Anabaptism for generations to come. Such a movement of the Spirit of God among His people would be a rich legacy for this ministry and would more than repay all the hard work and faithful support which have been devoted to this organization over the years. May God grant it so to be.

The EAF Newsletter is published by Evangelical Anabaptist Fellowship. Address all correspondence to EAF, PO Box 60, Irwin, OH, 43029 or call (740) 857-1576 or fax (740) 857-4316 or email eafoffice@aol.com. EAF Board of Directors: Vernon Myers, chair; Phil Barr, secretary; Ike Thomas, treasurer; Bob Gerhart; Roman Miller; David I. Miller. Eric Kouns, Executive Secretary and Newsletter Editor.

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