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EAF Update


The Heart of the Matter
A Matter of Faith
The Cause of Disunity
Cracks in the Foundation
EAF Update
  • Know of persons who might be interested in finding out more about EAF? Direct them to our internet website. The address is www.eaf.net.

  • We continue to encourage EAF members to consider planning regional meetings in their local areas, and we are suggesting the theme "Reclaiming the Heart of our Heritage." Contact our office if you would like assistance in scheduling a meeting that is both informative and inspirational.

  • The Center for Evangelical Anabaptism is EAF's educational arm. The Center's first offering is a seminar titled "Biblical Truth and Contemporary Culture." The seminar's content can be presented in a single day-long setting or in shorter segments over several days. It has been given in several locations already, and response is very positive. The seminar addresses important issues such as the phenomenon of post-modernism and its impact on the culture and the church. If you are interested in hosting the seminar in your area or would like more information about its content and suitability for your area or group, contact our office. EAF Executive Secretary Eric Kouns is the seminar leader.

  • Plans are under way for a conference tentatively titled "The North American Consultation of Evangelical Anabaptists." Projected for the year 2000, the 475 th anniversary of the Anabaptist movement, the consultation will present a series of papers and forums designed to clarify and put in publishable form the essence of evangelical Anabaptism. More details in the next newsletter.

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