Mark 9:38-50

What does the Bible mean when it talks about offense?

What does it take to offend me? And why?

How do I mature beyond taking offense?

Am I sufficiently generous (and Biblical) in accepting others in the kingdom, even the one who “followeth not us”?

Which do I fear more: Erring on the side of acceptance or erring on the side of rejection?

“Offend one of these little ones” — What is he talking about? And who?

How can I know whether or not I have offended someone in God’s perspective?

How do I know which of these verses not to take literally?

What is my present status of saltiness?

Is there no hope for reasoning salt-free salt?

How high will I go in my bid for “peace one with another”?

Which do I treasure most: peace, my rights, being right, truth?

Surely you could add something...