Joshua 6:2-4, 12-20

Where did Joshua get the faith to believe and the faithfulness to obey? Is my source different?

Am I as careful about the “little” details of God’s will as (I think) I am about the “big” details?

How might own personal faith and faithfulness both feed and feed off of the faith and faithfulness of those under my authority?

Do I see my victories as depending at least in part on the faith(fulness) of my fellow “marchers”?

Why is my faith so weak? And what can I do to nourish the faith I do have? And how do I increase in faith?

What is God’s role and what is my role in my experiencing victory today?

What am I being or doing that actually contributes to my own defeat? Or the defeat of my fellow “marchers”?

“The unnatural experience at Jordan prepared Israel for the abnormal approach at Jericho. But unnatural and abnormal were now relative terms. The Israelites were slowly getting acquainted with God’s ways of doing things…and they were perfectly natural and normal by His standards.” (Satisfied With Faithful Obedience)

“The Israelites may have looked ridiculous going around Jericho but that was before the end of the story. Then the ones who ridiculed were also the ones who were defeated.” (God Gives Jericho to Israel)

Surely you could add something...