A few nuggets from Ecclesiastes 5:1-17

1 — As Moses and Joshua had to “keep their feet” on holy ground, so should I as I consciously walk in God’s presence.

1 — Let me have a listening ear before God.

2 — When I speak to God, let me do so with my heart and mind fully engaged.

3 — As sleep comes from hard work, so foolishness comes from many words. I churn out many words…

4 — When I tell God I’ll do something, let me be faithful and prompt in the doing.

5 — A promise unmade is superior to a commitment unkept. Parents, see to keeping those promises you made to your children.

6 — The tongue is as a rudder, James told us. Make the heart right and the tongue will be right, Jesus told us, for the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart.

8 — While I exercise my authority, let me do so as one (faithfully) under authority.

10 — Why love money and material wealth when it will not love me in return? It has no interest in satisfying me, though it demands ever more of me.

12 — Work to sleep. Hoard to stay awake.

13 — Hoard to your own hurt!

15 — This is true only in the sense in which it was intended: materially and physically. Live for the Son under the sun and you will have far more treasures than you did the day of your birth.

Treasure these nuggets from Ecclesiastes 5:1-17 . . . and add a few of your own!

And let’s learn to love life under the sun under the Son.

Surely you could add something...