Too bad it never crossed my mind to ask Him!

“Is Mark Roth here tonight?”

The moderator of our evening church service this past Sunday scanned the audience.

He couldn’t see me. I didn’t help him. I sat still, blending in as well as any bald guy could. I was very tired after chairing a long Board meeting that ended shortly before the service began.

He still didn’t see me. I still didn’t help him.

But my wife raised her hand and pointed at me. 😯

The moderator (a former student of mine, I might append) called me up front with instructions to talk about nonresistance.

Impromptu. Spur of the moment. No advance warning. No notes. No thinking time.

I walked up front slowly, giving myself some extra moments to think.

They should have been moments to pray. But asking God for help didn’t even cross my mind! 😳

How could that be?! Especially since I’d just been praying for the brother who had been called up front first. (I think he had a more difficult topic than I for spur-of-the-moment talking in front of a big audience.)

Had I thought to pray, God could have helped me.

But I didn’t think to pray. 🙁

I was so intent on giving a right answer that I didn’t think to ask God to help me know what to say!

God helped me anyway. He’s that way. I bless Him and thank Him for that.

Ask God for help — that’s one lesson for me from my Sunday night experience.

Another lesson is to consider what I believe and what the Bible has to say about it so I can give impromptu studied words in due season. It’s hard to be that disciplined, though.

The prayer of the upright is his delight
“The prayer of the upright is His delight.”

Surely you could add something...