In Everything Give Thanks

That’s what God says, right? Right.

So it’s something I must do, without regard to what my feelings might be.

Well, then, right now, while things still look really bad, is a good time to start. Past time, actually.

I Thank God For…

  1. The 2TB USB drive given to me by our youngest son yesterday afternoon! (11-26-16; 6:33am)
  2. Q-tips and Bandaids. (11-25-16; 6:36 am)
  3. My friend Jim who unilaterally and unprompted-by-me prayed for me last Saturday night, asking God to give me a good night’s sleep. God did! I remember waking up that morning later than usual (though still before six, as I recall) and feeling better than usual (which doesn’t take much, actually), and marveling. I found out that evening that Jim had prayed for me the night before. (Thanksgiving Day 2016; 11-24-16; 6:36 am)
  4. Love that will not let me go. (11-27-15; 5:52 am)
  5. Parents who trained me to express gratefulness. (11-26-15; 8:43 pm)

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