More Time for Redemption?

I’m sure you’ve already read/heard:

September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui should spend his life in prison instead of being executed for his role in the hijacked airliner attacks, a U.S. jury decided on Wednesday.

I’m left amazed and wondering.

I wonder if his (potentially) longer life will result in his spiritual redemption.

I wonder if that was a jury of his peers (and if it wasn’t, will a mistrial be declared).

I wonder if this is how the war on terror(ism) is to be fought.

I wonder why I thought he should get the death penalty.

I wonder how his case was so much stronger than Timothy McVeigh’s.

I wonder if this means McVeigh got a bum rap (or if McVeigh’s jury would have “hung” Moussauoi).

I wonder how many Christians will (still?) pray for his salvation.

I wonder how many Christians will (still?) wish for his death.

I wonder what the just sentence would be.

I wonder how many people are genuinely happy with the verdict.

I wonder what kind of comments his Al-Qaeda pals will make.

I wonder what Moussaoui truly thinks.

I wonder what I’m supposed to think.

I wonder what you think.

I wonder what God thinks.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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