Can’t We All Just Pull Together?

I shuffled along through the dirt, water can subtly shifting my weight, water shower generously dampifying the vegetable plants. (Were they corn, beans, beets, or squash? I don’t remember and you don’t care.)

“Which is more important?” The weight of the question shifted my mind this way and that. “Pulling together. Standing for truth. Pulling together. Standing for tru…”

I concluded that if I must choose one over the other, I will choose truth.

Actually, though, I vote for standing together on truth so we can truly pull together. If we don’t stand on truth, we will slip and slide while trying to pull together. You just can’t pull well when you aren’t on solid footing. I would even argue that you can’t pull safely in such a circumstance. Read more

Prayer Chewing

Some folks go prayer walking.

toasted pancakeA few minutes ago, I chose to do some prayer chewing. (Why not?)

Our youngest son Andy is on the East Coast somewhere singing with Tapestry Chamber Singers. He likes to eat leftover pancakes, toasted. I needed a late afternoon snack. I opened the fridge. I saw a bag with leftover pancakes from yesterday morning’s breakfast.

I toasted one in his honor. And thought of him. And prayed for him. While I chewed. (It’s what Dads should do.) Read more

For Aching Hearts in the Cold Night

My heart still aches, Father; night is not past;
But in the cold and in the void I hear Your voice at last:
Is there any way that you could trust My love,
My life in you, My promise from above,
That joy comes in the morning, that beauty comes from pain?
Can you hold on one moment longer? Is there any way?

Read more

I Took What Wasn’t Mine (and I Can’t Return It)

Let me tell you how to save 5 minutes…for someone else.

Recently I gave a Sunday evening talk at my home congregation. I talked 5 minutes into the pastor’s sermon time.

On an earlier occasion, I arranged to meet a friend. I arrived 5 minutes after the set time.

On each occasion, I took 5 minutes that weren’t mine.

When I am late to an appointment or when I’m overtime in a presentation, is that…

  • time theft?
  • inconsiderate rudeness?
  • valuing me more highly?
  • taking advantage of another?

How could it not be at least one of those?

So…how do you explain being late or over time?

Actually, never mind that. I’m far more interested in how to overcome habitual time theft from another. Read more

Berwynn: Still the Candle Burns

Our daughter Michayla writes stuff. Including a book I reviewed on Amazon. Alas, Amazon rejected my review. Because parents just aren’t objective, apparently. 😯

Here’s my little review:

Sex slave? Trafficked girl?

This book drew me in. Unexpectedly, it lifted my spirit several times along the way. It renewed my vision for the redemptive, victorious work of the Most High in our breaking, darkening, corrupting world.

At a couple places later in the book, my eyes welled up at the grace of Jesus to the “least” among us. One of those times was when Berwynn recognized the true identity of…eh, I better not be a spoiler!

Berwynn — is she a blend of Rahab, Deborah, and Mary Magdalene? Perhaps. But Casimir, one of the heroes all the way through the tale, early on declared in her defense, “She is a creation of the Most High. And I’ll not have her referred to as anything less than such.”

Well, it took me a few pages of reading to get “into” this book (since this genre generally isn’t my type of reading). But after that, I was hooked.

Thanks for the great read, Michayla!

I easily give Read more