Executive Order Gaily Darkens USA Religious Freedom Further

Is this how coexistence and tolerance work? Continue reading

WH PressSec’s Secret Coded Message?

The Global Community, did he say?

I was speed-scanning headlines over at The Drudge Report, hardly paying attention.

Suddenly my brain caught up to my eyeballs and they skidded to a halt.

Did I just read that?

I backed up…and sure enough: Continue reading

Weekend Reflections and Head-Scratchers

I thought to post some of my observations from/of the weekend (which I presume begins Friday evening and ends Sunday evening). But I need to finish writing CLE Bible 902 Lesson 1.

And yet, how shall I write about Abram with “Mark’s Weekend Thinking” a-buzz in my head? (To my friends: none of this “Mark’s weak end, thinking” business, OK? :roll: Thank you.)

So I figured out that I should write down some snippets and memory joggers to serve as a guide (for later) and as a mind declogger (for now).

Wow! I dredged up and skimmed off far more than I realized was there. :shock: I have way too much to write about. So I won’t.

Except to post my snippets and memory joggers. Alphabetically. Continue reading

Prowling the VBS Front Lines

While the building was quiet and empty,
And my soul was needing a break,
I gat me o’er to the edifice so dainty,
And, lo, a verse to my heart did spake.

OK, so quick rhymery it is but hardly wholly sensible poetry. But, hey, you’re getting your money’s worth, so don’t fuss at me. Just scroll on and enjoy the scenery.

Bible verse

I was so blessed to read that verse! I took it just for me! (I also thought of several of my troubled friends…) Continue reading

Convert or Be Gone

I wonder what I would do if this happened to me:

The Protestants were forcibly displaced in early 2010 after village authorities destroyed their church and issued an ultimatum to the Protestants to convert to Catholicism.

I wonder what side of this story is offered by the village authorities.

I wonder what the Protestants did or didn’t do to trigger this action.

I wonder what the Pope’s stance is on this. Continue reading

Wishing You Could Help Fleeing Iraqis?

I’m not here to report on the news. You don’t need that.

I’m here to let you know how you can help, if seeing and hearing about the unfolding collapse in Iraq makes you wish you could help the suffering ones somehow.

You know about Christian Aid Ministries, right?

Here are some excerpts of what they have to say about ISIS in Iraq and the crisis going on right now: Continue reading

April 16: Princess Lievan Had a Manifesto

Tsar Nicholas II wanted to spring a little surprise on the evangelical Christians. So he did. In 1905.

But he was a weak man who began to take back his concessions almost as soon as he made them. But if he hadn’t… Continue reading