Choice: Women’s Bodies

On this day, millions without natural affection celebrate: enough Supreme Court “justices” figured out a woman can do what she wants with her body.

As a result of Roe v Wade, a girl or a woman in the United States may legally…

  • Sell one of her kidneys for research, transplant, or knick-knack.
  • Accept pay in exchange for welcoming a man into her body.
  • Destroy an embryo (or kill a fetus or slice up a baby) within her.

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How Many Music Makers Can a House Hold?

Night before last, as I looked for a certain old photo in one of our albums, I noticed this one:

Andrew Roth baby organ
“Hmmm… Big sister LaVay does this…”

Well, one thing has led to another for our youngest son Andy.

A song by Chayli and Andy
He composed the music for his sister Chayli’s poem.

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My Writer Daughter’s New Site

Our daughter Michayla launched her own web site.

Chayli Roth's site at

Here are the opening paragraphs of her first blog post on December 3:


Life is made up of them. Some of them are exhilarating, others depressing. Quite a few of them are actually downright boring. There’s no way of knowing when one moment will end and when the next will begin or if a moment that began in joy will end in pain, and vice versa. But one thing is true about all of them: they are fleeting.

That’s part of the beauty of life. No moment lasts forever. They come and go, and though we cannot hold them, we know that more will follow, and who is to say that those will not be more lovely than the ones we cling to now? Through all the changeableness of life, through the moments we hold tightly and the ones we wish would end, there is one constant, and that is the One Who created us.

God’s goodness to His people never changes. His plan of redemption never changes. And His promise of life unending will never change either. Someday, if we cling tightly to His hand and follow Him through fire and bliss alike, we will find life that has no end. We will no longer see in moments but in eternity, and all that we called beautiful in this life will be as pale glass and fallen ash in comparison.

This life is just a dressing room for that one, and moment by moment, our chances to make this life something worthwhile are slipping away.

I don’t despise the moments of my life, but too often I treat them despicably.

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At the Roth Christmas Meal

For our main Christmas Day meal here — my parents, my sister and husband, my niece and husband, my aunt, and my first brother-in-law (whom I hereby designate an honorary Roth).

And nine of my little flock.

And one candidate. :mrgreen:

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Love: The Proof Is in the Pudding

Love, the proof is in the putting

Love puts its object first.

When you tell him, “I love you,” you’re saying you put him first.

When you declare your love for them, you’re committing yourself to keep putting them ahead of yourself.

Love puts aside selfish self-interests and self-centered self-absorption in order to do what is best for another.

Love puts a premium on the good of another…and without complaint or self-pity pays that premium.

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What Does Your Love Put?


the proof is in the putting

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Are You Getting Ripped Off at Outlet Stores?

Clark Howard takes a swing at factory outlets: Continue reading