Blood Red Moon Full Lunar Eclipse Expectations

It’s coming to a solar system near me. Any time now.

What shall I expect?

  • Y2K finally?
  • The battle of Gog and Magog?
  • Martial law?
  • The Russian annexation of Ukraine?
  • The collapse of Windows XP?
  • A heartbleed leaking all over the Internet?
  • The Rapture?
  • A solar flare setting us back to the Neanderthal age?
  • The West Coast falling off the United States?

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What WordPress Lost for Me, It Found!

Last week I wrote a Quick Draft of an idea for a blog post on my ebooks blog. But it vanished without a trace when I clicked Save Draft the first time! :(

After searching for it high and low, I gave it up as a loss to a program quirk. It wasn’t much and I didn’t figure it would take me long to reconstruct it. Sometime. :roll:

Well, this evening I saw that WordPress 6.8.3 had been released. I checked to see what it was about and learned…

The “Quick Draft” tool on the dashboard screen was broken in the 3.8.2 update. If you tried to use it, your draft would disappear and it wouldn’t save.

Sooo…that’s what my “misfortune” had been about! I was glad to see the problem had been discovered and fixed.

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Plagiarism in Our Auditorium

Do you know how odd it is to hear the Sunday School teacher…and realize that nobody else realizes they are hearing your thoughts? I do.

Have you ever grown suspicious of a visiting minister’s phrasing…and later learned from Google that he was reading straight out of another’s book? I have.

I don’t mind public speakers reading or otherwise using material that isn’t their own. Provided they do it in moderation and with attribution.

But it’s a breach of integrity, ethics, and public trust to do so without letting the audience know they are doing so! Continue reading

Avast, ThinkPad, Bible 900, Hungering, XP, and Me

Plagiarists and hackers, Microsoft and Christian Light Publications, children and bill collectors — they’re all having their own say in my day in their own way.

But it’s up to me to weigh my priorities and then arrange them by order of weight.

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When Will My Throat Be Next in Its Claws?

Hate’s strangling of
freedom of thought
continues is merciless squeeze,
gaining strength
by declaring itself to be
freedom of thought.

How long
til it seizes me
by the throat

I Researched the XP Alternatives and Made My Choice

A week from tomorrow Microsoft ends support for Windows XP. You know that. Some of the warnings I’ve read remind me of the good old pre-Y2K hysteria.

Dell Dimension 3000 info

I own two XP machines: a 9-year-old Dell Dimension 3000 tower (are they expensive collector’s items yet?) and an almost-8-year-old IBM ThinkPad R51e. I doubt either has the muscle or the brains to run Windows 7 or Window 8.1 well (if at all).

What do I plan to do about their soon-to-be-dangerous-on-the-Internet OS?

Well, I had thought to switch to Linux since I can’t afford to replace either machine with — Wow! I just looked out the window and you ought to see the sunrise-struck clouds against the light-blue sky, all pink and salmon and some-shade-of-orange! — eh, where was I? :roll:

Anyway, so I’d thought to switch to Linux — mint or puppy or loveunto, I didn’t know which. Continue reading

My First eBook, Free

graphic and link to my ebook, free today on Amazon

Panting — free on Amazon!

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