Juli’s Grandpa’s Favorite Homemade Yogurt

July and me in 2003
Juli and her grandpa in 2003

I think even I could make this yogurt… :shock:

  1. Half gallon milk in a covered crockpot on low for 2.5 hours.
  2. Turn off cooking machine and let it all sit (still covered) for 3 hours.
  3. Whisk in 1 cup of plain yogurt. (Uncover first, of course.)
  4. Recover (as in, put the lid back on the crockpot) and then wrap the whole thing in a large towel and leave thusly for 8 hours.
  5. Done.

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Do You Pressure Your Friends?

“If you make your friends do things to please you,
you are loving your own reflection through them.”
-Pete Martens

If you start feeling like I’m conditioning our friendship on your 100% compliance with my wishes, please let me know.

In fact, let me know if such conditioning reaches even 20%.

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Full Harvest SuperMoon

“And God made two great lights;
the greater light to rule the day,
and the lesser light to rule the night:
he made the stars also.”

(Genesis 1:16)

The big night was September 8-9, 2014. The three photos I got that night aren’t so great.

So here are my photos the following night, taken 8:04-8:19 pm (Pacific) on September 9.

Supermoon rising behind trees east of Hubbard, Oregon USA
“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” (Psalm 19:1).

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Why Extending Your Arms Helps Your Equilibrium

Mark Roth doing a balancing act

Whether walking along a train track rail or across the top of a fence, having your arms outstretched helps you maintain your balance.

Whether walking a tightrope or a wall or a rafter, stretching your arms out from your sides seems to help keep you on the rope, wall, or rafter.

Why? Or is it all an illusion?

Unaided, a person’s center of balance is located just beneath their ribcage, about halfway from the ground to the top of a person’s head. This means that we balance from this part of our bodies. Carrying a long pole lowers our center of balance, just as holding out our arms to the sides does. If the pole is long enough, a person’s center of balance can be lowered to their knees, ankles or even the tops of their feet. A lower center of balance makes it easier for anyone to balance while walking across even a narrow rope.

Center of Balance

To get along well in life, we need a good sense of balance — physically, mentally, socially, spiritually. So along those lines, a few random thoughts…

People have tried for too long to “balance” their secular life with their “Christian” life. (May a Christian Do That?)

Blessing God does not undo my railing against another. It won’t even act as a counter balance to my evil speaking, somehow evening the score and giving me a clean slate. (Window to My Heart) Continue reading

Is What You Wrote Hate Speech?

“They” may still deem you guilty of social pollution.

I was going to warn you the morning of August 26 when I first read this. I hope I’m not too late to save your bacon.

(To whom it may concern: I mean no harm with bacon nor with speaking of yours.)

The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create an online database that will track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter.The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.

The “Truthy” database, created by researchers at Indiana University, is designed to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” Continue reading

Why Would I Give You My eBook for Free?

Panting | Faith Works 1 | Mark Roth

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15+ Fleeting Fruit Fly Thoughts Revealed

Fruit fly on WikiMedia

Early this morning.
I sat there, watching the fruit flies.
All three of them — hovering, flitting.
“What is their field of vision?” I wondered.

Thus the Fruit Fly Thought Cascade began.
With just an innocent look.
Followed by a lingering gaze.
Followed by a single thought.

There’s a lesson there.
(I’ll put it at the end.)
(Is where.)
But about the fruit flies…

What is their depth perception?

How close can they focus? How far?

Are they afraid of me?

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