ISIS Avenges Turkey’s Rapproachment With Israel?

It seems it was just yesterday I read the amazing news that Turkey had reached out to Israel and they had patched things up diplomatically.

Now I see this on the Drudge Report:

ISIS strikes Istanbul International Airport

And I wonder if ISIS means this as a signal to Erdogan, Turkey’s leader.

Whatever the case, may God use His people in the area to convey His love and provision. May the Gospel’s message of forgiveness and peace shine its brilliant light amid such evil and darkness.

When You Have to Go in a National Park

Secretary of the Interior cheers gender-free bathrooms in national barks

June 27 tweet by Secretary of the Interior

So yesterday (apparently) the President decreed that national parks no longer honor the single-gender bathroom concept. (Gender-specific restrooms — what an antiquated concept in this great society. 😯 )

Apparently whatever the sign may say is no guarantee what you will find inside. So beware of using multiple-capacity restrooms. The spectators therein may be more “sexually varied” than you bargained for. Read more

“James and Orpha, Come Home!”

At the vibrating buzz, I flipped open my cellphone…

James Smucker was killed

James Smucker was killed in an accident last night
and Orpha is in ICU. They were visiting Wisconsin.

I stared. Icy fingers squeezed my heart, bent my mind, twisted my emotions. How do you process a message like that? Rereading it carefully changed nothing.

My spirit reached out to the unerring Father, petitioning for His best for Orpha. He answered with exactly that. Read more

Some Bestiality OK With Canada Supreme Court

Canada's Supreme Court approves limited bestialitySo Canada’s highest court has just ruled that some sex acts between humans and animals are legal.

Despite all the acceleration of the normalization of perversion in the last few years, this still has to at least kinda shock the sensibilities.

Some folks (including the dissenting judge) expressing dismay at and condemnation of the 7-1 ruling seem to be exercised primarily by the animal abuse angle.

The human morality slippery slope is a bigger issue to me. The pursuit of certain “rights” is definitely leading to what’s morally wrong being rebranded as right. Even a leftist should find that repugnant.

Well, here are two excerpts from the story: Read more

An Essential Part of the Holy Spirit’s Work

bread photo: live by every word that comes out of God's mouth

God’s Spirit never guides in opposition to God’s Word.

Neither does He overlook the person and glory of Jesus.

As we approach the end, deception will continue to increase. Do not be confused or enticed by any message or revelation, said to come from the Holy Spirit, that has little to declare about Jesus and His glory.

Even in our day, over 2000 years after Pentecost, an essential part of the Holy Spirit’s work is to glorify Christ. Read more

Wanted: Young Women Ages 18-26

Conscripts for the US military, that is.

Possible draftees, you know.

The House Armed Services Committee took a big and unexpected step toward making women register for the draft Wednesday night…

photo of American women soldiers

This amendment to the House’s annual defense authorization bill requires 18-to-26-year-old women to register with the Selective Service System. Read more

Above all, love God!

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