An Essential Part of the Holy Spirit’s Work

bread photo: live by every word that comes out of God's mouth

God’s Spirit never guides in opposition to God’s Word.

Neither does He overlook the person and glory of Jesus.

As we approach the end, deception will continue to increase. Do not be confused or enticed by any message or revelation, said to come from the Holy Spirit, that has little to declare about Jesus and His glory.

Even in our day, over 2000 years after Pentecost, an essential part of the Holy Spirit’s work is to glorify Christ. Read more

Wanted: Young Women Ages 18-26

Conscripts for the US military, that is.

Possible draftees, you know.

The House Armed Services Committee took a big and unexpected step toward making women register for the draft Wednesday night…

photo of American women soldiers

This amendment to the House’s annual defense authorization bill requires 18-to-26-year-old women to register with the Selective Service System. Read more

Kenneth L Miller, Federal Prisoner 08464-082

Because “a woman’s faith and modern society collided,” Ken Miller reported to federal prison in Virginia on March 22, 2016.

In this “war against Satan’s tyranny,” Ken holds to the view that the proper weapons must be employed by the faithful disciple of Jesus. In the excerpt below, notice how he identifies such weaponry.

Ken Miller bids farewell to his home congregation Read more

My Friend Drove By

I was walking east on the north side of the road in the brisk pre-evening pre-dusk late afternoon.

“Hi, Mark!”

He was driving east on the south side of the same road.

He had slowed down to shout out his open window.

I turned to look. He waved. I waved.

Happily. With a big grin.

I hadn’t seen him in way-too-long. Weeks.

My good friend in his old four-door blue-green pick-up. Read more

An Anabaptist Prophet Looks at the Iowa Caucuses

Before speaking to that question, I’ll tell you a bit more about this post by promising to answer three other questions as well:

  • Who sounds most genuinely friendly to the Christian faith: Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders, or Trump?
  • Who are the Christian candidates in the race?
  • What should be my role in the process?

Yesterday I thought again of the bizarre nature of national Presidential politics in the United States. The towering gullibility of the collective American mind is demonstrably bizarre.

Consider the two-ring caucus presently launching the opening act of Let’s Elect a President 2016.

The hawk-eyed Iowans will gather tonight to chatter and vote their hearts or minds in an effort to select a party standard bearer in each major political party. What comes out of Iowa tonight is supposed to be Really Significant.

Look. I don’t want to be unkind or sarcastic, but I have to be blunt. Iowa is only one of fifty states. What’s with making the results tonight so significant? Weird. Read more

Above all, love God!

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