Speaking Truth to Toast

I looked at my pre-breakfast slice of toast and considered.

After praying, I spread creamed eggs on the now-breakfast toast and commenced to crunch a bunch. As I munched, I ruminated.

Then spoke truth to toast:

  1. For every buttered toast side, there’s an unbuttered side.
  2. Butter is a zero-sum game.
  3. Butter — the gold lining behind every dry toast side.

How’s that for truth to toast?!

Here are some additional thoughts:

  • To leave both sides unbuttered isn’t good. And to butter both sides isn’t natural.
  • Some sides are have-butters; others, have-not-butters.
  • Life isn’t fair; neither is butter.

What, then, shall the unbuttered side-o-toast do?

Occupy Butter Dish!

Throw in with the Tea Party!

File a civil rights suit!

Hope for trickle-down butternomics to kick in!

This particular toast didn’t.

It joined the system.

Yet leaves a legacy of practical life lessons for our instruction.

Are you toast?

PS: I thought of taking pictures to illustrate. But doing all associated with that takes far too much time. So I didn’t. But I gave myself credit for my stated intentions (despite my lack of performance) by filing this report from Life’s Front Lines under My Photos.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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